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Белое злато - Beloe Zlato - White Rose

Frank da Cruz
1 September 2022
Updated: 14 November 2022
Dedicated to my high-school Russian teacher, Mr. Thompson
Посвящается моему школьному учителю русского языка мистеру Томпсону.

Beloe Zlato photo
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Singers from a collective farm near Norilsk, Siberia, 300km north of the Arctic Circle and about 2800km ENE of Moscow. The balalaika player is Катя (Katya, left); the high voice is Валерика (Valerika, third from the left). That's all I know. There are different groups with the same name; I don't know which one is the original, but I like this one best. The links below are to Youtube videos, which as of 2022 are impossible to watch because of nonstop intrusive ads, so I signed up for Youtube Premium, $11.99/month USD, well worth it if only for just these videos; whenever you're in bad mood, just watch a few of them! (This is not an ad for Youtube, it's just facing reality.)

By the way, this page was created on a Linux host accessed via C-Kermit for Windows, whose terminal emulator lets me paste or type Cyrillic text, and in the case of typing can be configured to assign the letters to English keys "by sound" so I can touch-type in Russian (see table) (see script). Kermit also uploaded the images and it even made the gallery.


First group: individual songs, mostly filmed on the farm (kolkhoz means collective farm). The ones marked "spoons" have wooden spoons used like castenets.

Youtube link Русский English
ipTJk4rU2TU Сирень Lilac
skbBs00H3AY Ах, вы сени мои, сени Inner Porch
e4My2EGFxkI Как хотела меня мать Everything as my Mom wants (mud)
O3Auj58oyaM На горе колхоз The kolkhoz on the mountain
62eoBRSr7js Ах, мамочка Oh, mommy! (extra singers)
nDYQsBHSAT4 Мы на лодочке катались We rode on a boat (spoons, snow)
vkL3bMVfkMU Течет ручей The Stream is Flowing
aOdtctv88-I Июль July
twDQxoe9c6g Баба-шутница Woman-Joker
hlx6Lo_Hvjo Я когда-то была молодая When I was young
_FZwLHLX8Zc Ой, снег-снежок Oh snow snow
OgCPIgqY44c Трактористка Tractor girl
XSNJMQpHosw Егорушка Yegorushka (a capella)
EQkN8UvpwKc Ночь The Night (a capella)
25DlgqZTmiY Крапива-лебеда Nettle-quinoa
oR4fRrAhklY Миленький мой My little one
Bmx196CRlG0 Люблю тебя Love You (spoons)
dauVhyFBbQs Ах, судьба моя! Ah my destiny!
8HjKozAhe20 Выйду на улицу I will go outside
F3rfiQR7AiQ Колечко The Ring
hmB-pKZbhfw Старый дед Old grandfather
RZbjFN8l0RU Верила I had believed
xjiP4J5VbXo Как родная меня мать провожала My Birth Mother
xVozDB-Juno Коробейники Peddlers (spoons)
5FXwRYMcTTo Ромашка The Chamomile
rOGuSTt6ErY Кадриль Quadrille
YoE6KinOLCU Миленький мой You are my dear
r2757JlMGkI Под окном Under the window
NPf0WEe14Rg Тарантасик Tarantass
7kWGjhVWkHE Марусенька Marusen'ka
w0BMpAMJbpw Ухарь-купец Ukhar the merchant
Re5dr5qD1NI Подай балалайку Give me balalaika
EvKnHBS4deU Елочки-сосеночки Spruces pine trees
gFG78XGoGS0 Ой, сад во дворе The garden courtyard (a capella)
TMZZLqfj6Kk Думы Thoughts (a capella)
VHTv9XwbdFk Курочка Hen
gqYgLZz2XoM Роза The rose
n9cY00_jzi4 Называют меня некрасивою They call me ugly
Sq5zSBwWzp8 Костры горят далекие Far bonfires are burning
woAPS483KS8 А я люблю женатого I love the married one
16-IeNObDnI Цветочки The florets*
PxbugQs1Q1Q Белоснежная вишня Snow-white cherry*
8MylyFtfYiM На горе колхоз The collective farm on the mountain*
YI6_U1Z_hZs Цладкая ягода Sweet berry*
7hrvqcOhSCI Я когда-то была молодая When I was young*
NZ-eWQjcsXQ Кольчики на пальчики Rings on Fingers*
mE7i0aVfUoY Мечты о Калифорнии California Dreamin'
* New November 2022, several of them filmed at a recording session at Радио Шансон (Radio Chanson).

Second group: cooking lessons with a capella singing, a slightly different group, 10-16 minutes each, English subtitles. In the Chicken Cutlet video we learn that Katya is a vegetarian.

Youtube ID Русский English
dCZ42Px0f_Q Куриные котлеты Chicken cutlets, several songs (16min)
G1eX4SVyfWA Витаминный салат Vitamin salad (13min)
VKpwOH07bzE Как сделать Блины How to make Blini (10m)
ZGOoTakgzAQ Идеальный борщ Classic Red Borscht (16m)
Fg8KHNjasgQ Оливье Новогодний салат Olivier Russian Salad*

And now for something completely different (but also from Russia)... Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D-minor played on the баян (bayan) by Сергей Телешев (Sergei Teleshev). The bayan resembles an accordion but has the power of a mammoth cathedral organ.

I first studied Russian the US Army Frankfurt High School in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1960-61.