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Screenshots from the 1948 film Berlin Express

Frank da Cruz
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9 August 2020
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Berlin Express poster Berlin Express is a postwar rubble movie filmed on location mainly (despite the title) in postwar Frankfurt am Main and includes a great deal of footage of the wreckage in various parts of the city, as well as of the Hauptbahnof and the IG Farben building. It was released in 1948 but was probably filmed in 1947 and/or 1946; much of Frankfurt is still rubble. This gallery contains 52 screenshots from the film. Interestingly, the theme of the film is that the four Allied powers want to create a peaceful and unified Germany after the occupation but the Nazi underground is determined to prevent it by pitting the powers against each other so the Third Reich can rise again. A low-resolution video of the IG Farben sequence (1 minute, 51 seconds) can be seen here (on Youtube, for as long as the link lasts).

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