Berlin 1959 - Photo #11

Spandau prison sign
Prison with sign (click image to enlarge)
Spandau Prison on Wilhemstraße in West Berlin, about seven miles west of the Brandenburg Gate, where Nazi war criminals were held after the war. In 1959 it housed Albert Speer, Baldur von Schirach, and Rudolf Hess. The site was demolished in 1987 upon the death of Hess (Speer had been released in 1966 upon completing his 20-year sentence; he went on to write "Inside the Third Reich"). This 1951 photo is from Wikipedia; we saw the prison in 1959 but didn't take any pictures ourselves because "Es ist verboten dieses Gelände zu fotografieren oder zu betreten ohne Genehmigung" ("It is forbidden to take photographs of or to enter this area without authorization").