Map of GI Bill Houses, Chesterbrook VA, 1947-56

GI Bill Houses Chesterbrook VA 1947

A map of the area as I remember it, 1947-56. "Down the Hill" is now called Franklin Avenue, and it keeps going beyond the loop, which is now called Patton Terrace and MacArthur Drive and now extends to the left and right. I'm just guessing at the number and placement of the houses (there were probably a few more), except along Kirby Road; I'm sure there were four, of which ours was the second from the left (and there were two more to the right, on the other side of the Chittenden estate). I'm not sure when the woods shown here became housing developments, or when the Hill and other farms disappeared, but the immediate area didn't change at all between 1947 and 1956. Further to the left (southwest), however, the first big subdivision of brick houses had already been built by about 1954 (west of the Hill Farm and on the other side of Kirby Road). The path went through the woods to the other side coming out on (I'm pretty sure it was) Rockingham Street and within less than a mile, Arlington County.

Our house was the second from the corner on Kirby Road. The one on the corner was the Casons, a nice retired couple who let use their phone. The one to the right was the Walkers. The Gilmers lived in the second or third house on the inside lower loop.