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Manuel (Ramon) da Cruz Narciso and Family, Vilar, 1937-40

by Raimundo Pedro Narciso
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Ramon and family

1 2 3 4 5 6
1, 2, 5 and 6 – cousins/friends of Madalena and her sister Luzia.
3 – Madalena (Lena)
4 – Manuel da Cruz Narciso
7 – Luzia

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Lena and Luzia are daughters of Francisco Maria dos Santos and Luzia de Oliveira Santos.

Jo„o da Cruz Narciso and Joana Maria das Dores: children in decreasing order of age: Francisco, Daniel (1880), Maria Jose, Maria da Cruz, Celestino, Manuel (born 1897), Rosa.

Jo„o was a farmer who owned land and was very religious. For the children to have more instruction placed some in the nearby convent. One was priest, Daniel, and one was a nun, Maria Jose. Daniel was a missionary in Mozambique, in Gaza lands in the Xai-Xai and he made celebrated studies on the indigenous populations of Gaza, family organization and clan, economy, customs, religion, etc., about nature, animals, insects and on the flora. His articles for the magazine "Gazeta" of the villages gave rise to his book Em terra de Gaza.

Maria Josť went to the very new convent. She became a nun in a cloistered order (nuns who can not leave the convent). She was a teacher of French and Piano. Only once did he leave the convent to go to her mother's funeral. In the monastic organization she used the name of Maria do Santo Lenho and sent for Christmas for my father Manuel, for my mother, for me and for my sister Helena. We liked her very much and visited her at the convent in Lisbon in Largo do Rato.

Francisco Maria dos Santos was the eldest son of Jo„o da Cruz Narciso and had 5 children: Diniz, Alice, Francisco, Magdalena and Luzia.

Diniz had 7 children: Teresa, Jķlio Diniz, Carlota, Rui, Pedro, FŠtima, Luzia.

Francisco had 3 children: Lino (now deceased), Josť (Zeca) e Maria Luzia (Juca – Ruka).

We are have 4 Luzias in the family. Luzia wife of Francisco Maria dos Santos, Luzia their daughter, granddaughter and daughter of Diniz de Oliveira Santos, and Luzia (Juca, Ruca) granddaughter and daughter of Francisco de Oliveira Santos.