Mom's scrapbook

Frank da Cruz
March 27, 2018
My mother: Vivian Maxine Lund, born 5 March 1922 in Minneota, Minnesota, one of ten children of Hannah Engeborg Lund (née Jansen) and Carl Lund. She was raised in Minneota and probably never traveled farther than Marshall before she left home in 1940. She lived in a one-room house with her mother and brothers and sisters, right across from the school (if there was more than one school, I don't know which one). She graduated from Minneota High School (where she was Junior and Senior Prom Queen) in 1940, and immediately left for San Francisco to be with her big sister Polly who had gone west years earlier. Then the War started and she joined the Navy at the earliest opportunity, right after FDR signed the order creating the WAVES.

The photos here are from her first album, that goes up to the time she joined the Navy in 1942. In the 1970s when I was visiting her in California, I thought it might be a good idea to take pictures of all the pages her scrapbook. It was done with a film camera and almost all of the resulting photos are overexposed. 40-some years later I did the best I could to rescue them with Photoshop, adjusting the brightness and contrast of each one until the maximum amount of image was visible. I don't know what became of the album so this is all I have of her life before she met my father; she died in 2002 and so far this album has not turned up.

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Minneota 1922-1940

momscrapbook11 momscrapbook21 momscrapbook22 momscrapbook10 momscrapbook05 momscrapbook09 momscrapbook26 momscrapbook08 momscrapbook04 momscrapbook12 momscrapbook13 momscrapbook07 momscrapbook02 momscrapbook01 momscrapbook06 momscrapbook03

San Francisco 1940-1942

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Navy WAVES 1942-1944

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