Uncle Pete gallery - Photo #4 - 1920s...

Pete and Dad, 1925. On the back, Gus writes "Pete and Francis my two little loves. Pete thinks he has to hold his mouth open when I take his picture... see the adoring look Francis is giving him... That's the suit I sewed for him on his birthday. April 1, 1925" (my Dad's 7th birthday). Note that Gus calls her second son Pete, not Dan or Daniel.

Where was this picture taken? The Oxford house has a very small yard. Furthermore, if Gus left Daniel in 1924 and these pictures were taken by Gus in 1925, and have her writing on the back, and were in her album, and since Dad went to 3rd and 4th grades in the Bozmen elementary school, 1925-27, I am 95% convinced that Gus took her children with her when she left Daniel and that they lived in Bozman for the next two years.