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In July 2018 I discovered that the Frederick, Maryland, News, Post, and other papers have been scanned and there are lots of Rager items in them; e.g. March 7, 1900, "Mr. Rufus A. Rager, city surveyor, is removing his office from the Court House to a room in the City Hall building." Also there are lots of Sumans, Boyers, etc. Rufus was an Odd Fellow, mentioned in an 11 Jan 1923 article. 14 June 1897: "Mr. Rufus Rager has returned from a visit to his mother and sister in Front Royal, Va." The items that follow give important clues to who's who, what's where, and so on. I don't make them clickable because you have pay.

The Frederick News, 12 Dec 1881:
"Mr. R.A. Rager has several children sick with the measles."

In June 1907 The News
mentions Rufus Ragar was city civil engineer.

The Frederick News, 4 Jan 1910:
"Mr. Rufus A. Rager, who retires as county surveyor, has held that office since 1901. He was deputy surveyor under County Surveyor Edward Albaugh from 1984 to 1899. He has opened an office at 118 West Fifth Street." [Another article from 1911 said he was running for County Surveyor again, as a Republican.]

Daily News 1 April 1910:
Mentions that "Mrs. R.A. Rager and family have removed from North Market Street to West Fifth Street."

18 October 1910 The News
mentions R.A. Rager of West Fifth Street.

One of papers 8 Mar 1911:
mentions that R.A. Rager lived on West Fifth Street.

One of the papers in April 1912:
The "Misses Rager" are advertised as dressmakers.

Frederick Post, 18 May 1912:

"The Maryland Girls' Club was called to order by the vice-president, Lenore Rager ... the following program was rendered: reading, Lenore Rager".

The Frederick Post, Monday December 2, 1912, p.3:
Rufus A. Rager Dies of Paralytic Stroke
Was Surveyor of Frederick County Sixteen Years and Founded King David Lodge I.O.O.F.
Mr. Rufus A. Rager, for 16 years County Surveyor, died last evening at 6.40 o'clock, of paralysis, aged 63 years, 5 months, and 10 days. ¶ On November 8, Mr. Rager sustained a stroke of paralysis and for about a week was in a semi-conscious state at his home on West Fourth Street. He rallied from this stroke slightly but for a short time. ¶ He was born in Downsville, Washington County, May 20, 1849. He was educated in the public schools of that county and studied surveying under a private tutor. He was a member of 11 fraternal organizations, and most prominently identified with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He instituted the King David Lodge, No.50, of this city and attained the [illegible] degree, being a member of Canton No.3, of the Patriarchs Militant and a member of the Ohio Masonic Order. ¶ For the past twenty years, with the exception of the last two terms, he had been surveyor of Frederick County. ¶ He married Miss Loretta Boyer, of near Myersville, in 1881, who survives, together with six dauthers and two sons: Mr. Arthur B. Rager, of Hagerstown; Isaac M. Rager, Mrs. H.C. Edmonds, Mrs. Hamilton Geisbert, Miss Alice I., Bessie I., Eloise E., Lenore S., all of Frederick. ¶ The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon, the services being conducted by King David Lodge.

The Frederick Post, 13 Nov 1912:
"Mr. Rufus Rager, who was paralyzed last Saturday evening, is rapidly failing. He has been unconscious since he sustained the stroke."

The Frederick Daily News, Monday 2 Dec 1912, p.4:
Mr. Rufus A. Rager, former country surveyor, died last evening at 6.35 o'clock, at his home on West Forth Street, aged 63 years. Mr. Rager suffered a stroke of paralysis just three weeks ago, and at the time he was critically ill. He rallied, however, and was able to converse with his family and many friends. He gradually grew worse and lapsed into unconsciousness several days ago, and passed peacefully away last evening. Previous to his last illness Mr. Rager has been a sufferer from rheumatism for the past two years, and upon several occasions was confined to the house.

Largely Self-Educated.
Mr. Rager was a son of the late Rufus and Lydia Suman Rager and was born in Downsville, Wasthington County, on March 20, 1849. He was reared on a farm and received his eduction in public schools. While a young man, he devoted himself to books and periodicals, and acquired considerable knowledge by his constant reading and study. At the age of seventeen he decided to become a civil engineer and at once began studying to to fit himself for his life's work. While a young man he resided for a number of years with his uncle, Gen. Isaac Suman, at Valpariso, Ind. He later returned to this city, where he has since resided. He was at one time employed at the Cambrill steam mill. ¶ Mr. Rager was a very competent surveyor, and many farms throughout this and adjoinging counties have been surveyed under his direction. He was connected with the office of county surveyor for a period of about twelve years or more. In January, 1894, he qualified as deputy surveyor, having been appointed by the county surveyor, Edwards Albaugh. He served in that capacity under the several terms of Mr. Albaugh, and in 1902, was elected to the office as county surveyor, succeeding James W. Troxell, Democrat. He was re-elected in 1904, and also in 1906. In 1908 he was defeated for the nomination by Emory C. Crum, the present incumbent. During his term of office he proved a very faithful official, and by his genial disposition and affable manner, won many friends throughout this and adjoining counties. He also has served in the capacity of city commissioner for the municipal authorities and did some considerable engineeing for the city. ¶ [Sections about membership in fraternal orders and patriotic organizations omitted] ¶ On June 9, 1881, Mr. Rager was married to Miss Loretta Boyer, of Middletown Valley, and he is survived by his widow and eight children: Mr. Arther B. Rager, of Hagerstown; Mrs. Harry C. Edmunds, Mrs. Hamilton Geisbert and Misses Alice L., Bessie I., Eloise and Leonora [sic] Rager of this city. He is also survived by his one brother, Mr. A. Scott Rager, this city, and four sisters, Mrs. T.O. Cord, of Glassboro, N.J.; Mrs. Temple Mason and Mrs. Edward Hoffman, of Front Royal, Va., and Miss Alice Rager, of Baltimore. ¶ The funeral will take place tomorrow.

The Frederick Post, 3 Dec 1912:
"Rufus A. Rager.  The funeral of the late Rufus A. Rager took place from the residence, Market and Fourth Streets, this afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. The services were conducted by King David Lodge, No.50, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, of which Mr. Rager was the founder." [and then it lists the pallbearers, who are all lodge members.]

A 3 Dec 1912 article in the Frederick News
mentions that he was a former director of the United Steam Fire Engine Company (Frederick's volunteer fire company).

The News 6 Dec 1912 (less than a week after Rufus died):
"Mr. Isaac Maynard Rager, who has been spending some time at his home in this city, has gone to Philadelphia, and after spending a few days there, will go to Tucson, Arizona, where he will accept a position on the ranch of William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)."

The Frederick News, 3 Apr 1913, p.4:
"Many In New Homes / Removals in City during the Past Few Days. Mrs. R.A. Rager from West Fourth to North Market Street."

The Frederick News, 19 Apr 1913, p.2:
"Mr. Harry M Rager, aged 28 years, son of Mrs. Lauretta and the late Rufus A. Rager, died this morning at 4 o'clock at this home 324 North Market Street. Mr Rager was a tailor by trade trade and worked in a number of cities. He traveled with Pawnee Bill's Wild West Shows and for a while he conducted an art tailoring establishment in this city, but gave it up on account of his health. Besides his mother, he is survived by the following brother and sisters: Mrs. Harry Edmonds, Mrs Hamilton Geisbert, and Misses Alice, Bessie, Louise, and Lenora [sic] Rager, this city, and Mr. Arthur B. Rager, of Hagerstown.

The News, 10 July 1913:
"Mrs. R.A. Rager and daughters have removed from 324 to 340 North Market Street."

The Frederick Maryland News, Monday 8 Oct 1923, p.5:
Mrs. Susan L. Rager. Mrs. Susan L. Rager, widow of Rufus A. Rager, formerly of this city, died on Saturday [October 6] morning at her home, 1031 Harlem Avenue, Baltimore, aged 68 years. She leaves a son, William Rager and four daughers, Mrs. Harry Edmonds, this city; Mrs Hamilton Geisbert, Hoods Mills; Louise, and Bessie Rager, Baltimore. The body was brought to this city this morning and was taken to the chapel at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, where funeral services were held at 2 o'clock. Interment in the family lot. Thomas P. Rice, funeral director.

The Frederick Maryland News, Tuesday 9 Oct 1923, p.5:
"The funeral of Mrs. Susan F. Rager took place on Monday a 2 o'clock. Services were held at Mt. Olivet cemetery chapel. Rev. Dr. U.S.G. Rupp officiated. [The pallbearers, all from the lodge, are listed.]

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