New York City subway tokens

NYC Subway tokens

New York City subway tokens. The small "Y" tokens at bottom were in use when I arrived in NYC in 1966, and cost 15¢, but the price was soon raised to 20¢. It was the first subway token; before that nickels and dimes were used. The larger "Y" token was in use from 1970 to 1980 and cost 30¢ at first, then 35¢ in 1972, then 50¢ in 1975. The shiny Diamond Jubilee token was 1979-80 and cost 50¢. The "bullseye" token (top) came out in 1986 and cost $1.00, went up to $1.15 in 1990, and $1.25 in 1992. Then came metrocards, and after that OMNY.