Chesterbrook VA 1947-56 - Photo #7

My brother Dennis in Davy-Crockett-era coonskin cap, and me, in January 1955 on the see-saw my Dad made for us. This picture presents a pretty good view of the GI-Bill cinder-block cube houses "down the hill" and the forest behind them; without the foliage, you can make out some houses peeking through from the other side, so it's not very deep at that point. To the left, our incinerator; in those days, everybody burned their trash. In the next yard (Nick and Mona Joseph), a clothesline with the wash hanging on it; washers and dryers had been invented but nobody around here had them. George Gilmer says:
[This picture] shows some houses behind on Patton Terrace circle. The house directly behind was our house. The one to the left was Ragsdale with blue/grey paint on top. Across Patton Terrace to the right of our house was the Wilkens and to the left of the Wilkens was the Goujay (Sp?) house. To the right far side is the back of the house that faced the other side of the Patton Terrace circle. May have been Harner, who sold insurance. Still not sure of the little house between on the right, which showed up in another of your pix. Maybe a storage shed? Seemed to be a small copy of the cinder block houses. May be the Payne's house behind the Wilkens. Not sure of the small piece of house to the far left. Pedlar?