Chesterbrook VA 1947-56 - Photo #33

The Hill Farm. Harry Hill in the fields behind his house, wearing his Army canteen, mid-1950s. Looking towards Kirby road, which is not visible just over the rise. The earth in the foreground is freshly turned. Left center is the little cinderblock tool shed with tin roof (one of our forts). Next to it is a fence that is so overgrown with honeysuckle vines you could lay down and take nap on top of it; it was soft and springy like a bed. On the horizon, at left, is the Hills' house and the big tree behind it. Just right of the tree is the combination garage - tool shed. At far right is the cinderblock cubes on the corner of Kirby Road and Franklin Avenue, next door to the one I lived in. On the extreme right (just under the dark conical tree) is another overgrown fence, this one along Franklin Avenue and bursting with blackberries. Since about 1960, this area is solid suburbs.