Navy WAVES Training Gallery - World War II

Or "My Mom Was a Radio Wave"
Frank da Cruz
February 9, 2018; updated 18 March 2021.

My Mom, Vivian Lund, joined the Navy at age 20 in San Francisco in late 1942, just after President Roosevelt signed the bill authorizing enlistment and commission of women in the US Navy. She had Basic Training at Iowa State Teacher's College in Cedar Falls and then Navy Radio School at "RS NYD Washington DC" (Radio School Washington Navy Yard), where she became a Morse code operator, and then she worked at Navy Department Headquarters on Constitution Avenue in DC until she became pregnant with me in 1944, resulting in a compulsory early release from the service.

Most of my mother's Navy photos are missing. The first three photos below are hers, then a newspaper clipping from her home town; the rest are from the National Archives and/or the book Making Waves: Navy Women of World War II by Evan Bachner, or other sources as noted.

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Basic Training, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1942

momnavy00 momnavy01 momnavy00a navywavescedarfalls navywavescedarfalls2 navywavescedarfalls3 navywavescedarfalls4

Radio School, Madison, Wisconsin

navywavesradio wavesradioschool navywavesradio2 navyrttconsole

Hunter College, Bronx NY

navywaveshunter navywaveshunter02 navywaveshunter03 navywaveshunter04 navywaveshunter05 navywaveshunter06 navywaveshunter07 navywaveshunter08 navywaveshunter09 navywaveshunter10 navywaveshunter11 navywaveshunter12 navywaveshunter13 navywaveshunter14 navywaveshunter18 lehmanwaves

Mom in the Navy 1943


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