FHS things 1959-61 - Photo #4

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FHS things 1959-61 Photo #4 - Phone Directory

The Frankfurt High School Student Telephone Directory from 1960-61 (it says “Class of 1962” but really it's grades 10, 11, and 12) (by the way, there was also a 9th grade at FHS through 1958-59; I was in it!). I've scanned the whole thing into a paged (but not searchable) PDF file, suitable for printing, you can find it here (or just click the image). If somebody who has Adobe Acrobat wants to OCR it, I'll be glad to host the searchable version; let me know. Mental exercise: is the guy's mouth open, or does he have a goatee? What about the girl?

Most recent update: 17 October 2012