Frankfurt - Miscellaneous Photos - Photo #4

The Abrams Complex, about 1955, aerial view (click the image to see it full size, 2000×1641). From bottom to top: IG Farben building, the Officers (Terrace) Club or "Casino", helicopter pad, some service buildings, Frankfurt High School (left) and the Ambassador Arms Hotel and generals' houses (right), Miquel Allee, HiCoG housing, Platentraße (left) and Hugel (right) housing areas. The "service buildings" include at least a bakery and the Teen Club. Raimundstraße runs diagonally across the upper right. This photo was taken after 1954 because the high school is complete, but before 1959 (when I arrived) because there are no "quonset" huts next to the school, and also because in 1959 the building with the tall chimney was gone.

The 4000-pound bomb (a "blockbuster" capable of flattening entire city blocks) that was discovered in September 2017 was on Wismarer Straße slightly right of the upper center of the photo, just this side of Miquel Allee [SEE MAP].