Frankfurt, Germany - Photos 1959-61

If you haven't already seen it, first CLICK HERE to see the FHS site I made a couple years ago from my own photos.

A collection of 23 color slides taken by my father between February 1959 and June 1961, which I came by recently (June 2005). Just buildings and street scenes, no people. Each slide was scanned at 1000 dpi, producing a jpg image about 1MB in size, and then reduced to approximately browser width at lower resolution, about 80-90K each. The smaller images are shown in the following pages. If you click on an image you get the full-size one. They are in no particular order. And they're a bit faded – what do you expect! Some day when I have time I'll integrate these with my original Frankfurt site.


Frank da Cruz
New York City

Me in 1959.  No, it's Brad Pitt!  No, it's me!
(found in the same batch of slides.)
NEW (September 2005): A collection of photos by Beni Calchera of the area as it is today, in some cases comparing old photos from this site with up-to-date ones. CLICK HERE to see Beni's photos.

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