Frankfurt am Main Germany color slides 1959-61 - Photo #4 - Frankfurt

The Little Casino (Teen Club). Looks like a dump from the outside but inside it was a magical world of wonder and the site of countless first loves. The front part had a grill and soda fountain on the left, chairs and tables for hanging out after school, and a juke box that, in 1961, played: Blue Moon by the Marcels, Chain Gang by Sam Cooke, This is Dedicated to the One I Love by the Shirelles, Gee Whiz by Carla Thomas, I Wonder Who's Loving You by the Miracles, and Suddenly There's A Valley by The Drifters. If anybody ever played anything cheesy (Neil Sedaka?), I've blocked it from my memory. The back room had six or eight pool tables. At night, the front part would be transformed into a night club with a stage, sometimes with live music (sometimes even by me!)