Frankfurt am Main Germany color slides 1959-61 - Photo #26 - Berlin and Hamburg

The Brandeburg Gate in seen from the west side; East Germany is on the other side. This was 2.5 years before the Wall. The gate was built in 1788-1791 by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia; the statue on top is called the Quadriga. Originally, the Quadriga was topped by an Iron Cross and a Prussian eagle. After World War II, the East Germans considered these to be militaristic icons that the Nazis identified with, and removed them, so they are not visible in this photo. Upon reunification of Germany in 1990, they were put back.

Brandenburg Gate 1937
1937: eagle, cross, swastikas
Brandenburg Gate 1945
1945: war damage
Brandenburg Gate 1959
1959: no cross or eagle
Brandenburg Gate 2019
2019: cross, eagle