FHS things 1959-61 - Photo #3

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Photo #3 - FHS Student Directory 1959-60
The 1959-60 Frankfurt High School Student Directory (note: not Frankfurt American High School). I've scanned the whole thing into a paged (but not searchable) PDF file, suitable for printing, you can find it here (or just click the image). It's pretty big (5.6MB), I'm not sure why. If somebody who has Adobe Acrobat wants to OCR it (or knows how to make it less bulky), I'll be glad to replace this version; let me know.

Meanwhile, it's fascinating to see all the places where FHS students lived. As noted elsewhere, there were local students (like me) who walked to school, students who lived farther away and went back and forth on Army buses, students who lived even farther than that and stayed in the dorm 5 days a week and went home on weekends, and then students who lived REALLY far away, like in Moscow, and stayed in the dorm all semester, going home only for Christmas and summer breaks. Somebody with a lot of time on their hands could make a list of these places and assign them into the four residence categories. Or for that matter, put everything in a database or spreadsheet so you could see who lived in Höchst or Darmstadt or Gelnhausen, etc etc. (Not even I am that compulsive.)

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