FHS things 1959-61 - Photo #8

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FHS things 1959-61 Photo #8
Santa Lucia's restaurant at Münchener Straße 49, opposite the Hauptbahnhof, near “big” Maier Gustl's (Münchener Straße 77), one flight up. It was like a cave inside! This was considered a nice place to go on a date. My goodness, look at the prices!

Big Maier Gustl's was (is?) a huge boisterous Bavarian-style beer hall, complete with oompa band, beer mugs up to 5 liters, and waitresses who can carry about 100 of them in each hand. And in the men's room (“Buam”) a special porcelein appliance just for throwing up in, big enough for an elephant. “Little” Maier Gustl's was on the next block over (Kaiserstraße?), small and sedate, served an excellent Ochsenschwanzsuppe mit Brötchen.