FHS things 1959-61 - Photo #10

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FHS things 1959-61 Photo #10

The Teen Twenty story, NACOM (Northern Area Command) Chronicle, February 5, 1960. The FHS radio club (me in the lower right) got to broadcast on the World's Most Powerful Transmitter, 150 thousand Watts, 20 minutes a week, starting in Fall 1959 at AFN (Armed Forces Network) Frankfurt in Höchst. You can read the article by clicking on the image, and then (if necessary) using the Zoom tool in your browser. By the way, I also had my very own weekly talk and music radio show in the 97th General Hospital, “Bedside Rock” (jazz and R&B) every Thursday 1800-1900 on HRBS, your Hospital Radio Broadcasting System (patients were invited to drop in and pick out music and/or say whatever was on their mind).