Teclas para español

The English keyboard plugs in to any USB connector. The Spanish keyboard plugs in to the round keyboard connector. Connect only one keyboard at a time. You don't have to turn off the computer to change the keyboard.

To use the English keyboard:
  • Switch keyboard to "EN" (English) in "Task bar".
  • Use Numeric Keypad (teclado numérico).
  • Make sure Num Lock (Bloq Num) light is on.
  • Hold down the Alt key and type digits on the numeric keypad.

    To use the Spanish keyboard:
  • Switch keyboard to "ES" (Español) in Task bar.
  • On the Spanish keyboard, these characters have their own keys, you can just use them: Ñ ñ ¡ ¿.
  • To type "a" with accent, first type ' (nothing happens) then type "a" (result is "á").
  • Diacrítico Resultado Teclado inglés Teclado español
    A acentuada Á Alt+0193 'A
    a acentuada á Alt+0225 o Alt+160 'a
    E acentuada É Alt+0201 'E
    e acentuada é Alt+0233 o Alt+130 'e
    I acentuada Í Alt+0205 'I
    i acentuada í Alt+0237 o Alt+161 'i
    O acentuada Ó Alt+0211 'O
    o acentuada ó Alt+0243 o Alt+162 'o
    U acentuada Ú Alt+0218 'U
    u acentuada ú Alt+0250 o Alt+163 'u
    U diéresis Ü Alt+0218 ¨U
    u diéresis ü Alt+0252 o Alt+129 ¨u
    N tilde Ñ Alt+0209 Ñ
    n tilde ñ Alt+0241 o Alt+164 ñ
    Exclamación ¡ Alt+0161 o Alt+173 ¡
    Interrogación ¿ Alt+0191 o Alt+168 ¿
    Comilla sola ' ' ''
    Alt+0193 means: "Hold down the Alt key and press 0, 1, 9, and 3 on the numeric keypad, then let go of the Alt key".

    On the Spanish keyboard, some keys have three symbols, like this:

    ] ^

    To type the one on the lower right of such a key, hold down the Alt-Gr key and press the desired key, then let go of the Alt-Gr key.

    Teclas españolas