112th Street Area 2012/09/14 - Photo #95


I recall once riding my motorcycle up the steps and parking in my room in our apartment, first one on the right. Peter M's room had the window just to the right of the entrance (not shown in the picture). There was foul-tempered homicidal Siamese cat we called Froggy (after Froggy the Gremlin), nobody knew where it came from. It would attack your throat while you were sleeping, things like that (this happened to me one night, which is when I learned: "Never Throw A Cat"). Well, when we left this place at the end of the year, we tried to take Froggy with us, but Froggy was not having it. I, for one, had my shirt (and chest) in shreds so we wound up leaving Froggy in the apartment for somebody else to deal with. Apparently that did not happen because for something like 15 years thereafter, whenever I walked past this building, Froggy was sitting in the aforementioned window. I would estimate that between 10 and 20 different tenants had the same experience before Froggy finally went on to that big can of Figaro Cat Tuna in the sky.