Chesterbrook VA 1950s - Photo #11

[See Chesterbrook School yearbooks 1954-55]

Chesterbrook school some time between 1953 and 1955. Due to the influx of veterans to the area, Quonset huts were added to accommodate the overflow, and after that a new wing was added in 1953, which is prominent in the photo. But even that was not enough. All the years I went to school there we had two grades in most classrooms, many years we only went half-days, and one year we even had classes in the church basement. I had classes in quonset huts all the way through high school. After the war you could buy a surplus one for $200. Whole towns were built with Quonset huts for the families of returning veterans. Gerald Ford bought one, converted it into a house trailer, and campaigned for Congress in it in 1948.

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This photo from 1956 (sorry, not in color) shows that the Chesterbrook Little League often used the school playground in its first year. That's me, batting for Bray's Esso:

Little League game 1956