Chesterbrook VA 1950s - Photo #24

Back view of house, showing addition, woods across the street, elevated Kirby Road, oil tank, Ford. The woods down the hill was inviting and fun but this one was scary, nobody went in it, there was a haunted house deep in the tangle. George Gilmer reports:
I have 2 stories for you about that old house. It actually later became occupied. It had a dirt road leading to it, but the entrance was aways down the road, near Chittendens and not right in front of it. The first story is that it was cleaned up and occupied by a young married girl, who I believe was only 17. I don't think she lived there very long; maybe a year? The next story was that Tom Payne, who lived across the circle from me and was a year older, had a paper route. Anyway, another family moved there after the girl and ordered the paper, which Tom dutifully put in the paper box [on Kirby Road] that someone put up. Then it came time to collect and he was scared to death to go down there. So Tom asked if I would go along for company and I agreed. We got down near the house and this big, unpleasant lady came out and started cussing at us, asking what blankety blank business did we have. Tom explained that he was there to collect for the paper. She calmed down and paid the bill. I don't remember whether or not I went down a second time with Tom, but at some point, he said that he was OK going down there by himself. But you are right, it was considered a spooky house.

My Dad and I went there one time though the dense underbrush, not knowing about the path, when it was still unoccupied. Very scary, creaky and creepy, full of spider webs and bones (at least that's how I remember it). It was like the haunted house episode in Tom Sawyer, but no pirates.