Fei Long

Picture taken during the Elephanta Caves trip in 2012 

Ph.D. Candidate
Decision, Risk and Operations
Graduate School of Business, Columbia University
Office: Uris Hall-4W
Email: Flong18 At gsb Dot columbia Dot edu


Brief Biography

I am a PhD student at Columbia Business School. My research interests lie in understanding important and emerging phenomena in marketing, typically those driven by the digital economy, using both theoretical modeling and data-driven approaches (primarily statistical machine learning). My dissertation research focuses on e-commerce platforms and digital advertising. In addition, I am also interested in topics in agency theory and salesforce compensation. Prior to joining Columbia, I received my M.S. degree in Operations Research from Columbia University, and received my B.S. degree in Electronics Engineering from Tsinghua University. I also previously worked as a data scientist at Helix Partners (a hedge fund) and Hewlett-Packard.

Working Papers

The Informational Role of Sponsored Advertising on Online Retail Marketplaces. Job market paper.
(joint with Kinshuk Jerath and Miklos Sarvary)

The Logic and Management of "Digital Co-op" in Search Advertising. Revision invited at Management Science.
(joint with Kinshuk Jerath and Tony Ke)

How Often Should You Reward Your Salesforce? Multi-Period Incentives and Effort Dynamics. Revision invited at Journal of Marketing Research.
(joint with Kinshuk Jerath)

Dynamics in Textual Content and Ratings in Online Product Reviews. Under revision at Journal of Marketing Research.
(joint with Kinshuk Jerath)