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This is the introductory page to a novel Astrophysics Retrieval System, currently under implementation. Only 4 judicious and educated clicks of your mouse separate you from reading a paper of your interest (for the years 1995-96).

The first click, activating one of the links in this page, will lead you to a listing of specific topics of research active in the general area of interest that you have selected.

Choosing one specific topic with the second click, you will be presented with a listing of papers published in 1995-96 and relevant to that topic. The papers are arranged in order of probable decreasing relevance.

If one of the papers is of your interest, a third click of the mouse will give you direct access to its abstract and further bibliographic information, as provided by NASA's ADS database.

A fourth click, activating one of the links that ADS provides together with the abstract, will allow you to display, download, or print the paper.

95. General

96. Solar System

96.10 The Sun

96.10.5 Solar Corona
96.10.7 Solar Flares

96.80 The Planetary System

97. Stellar Astrophysics

97.10 General Properties of Stars

97.10.4 Stellar Coronas
97.10.6 Circumstellar Phenomena and Stellar Envelopes
97.10.7 Stellar Winds
97.10.8 Extra-Solar Planets

97.20 Normal Stars by Type

97.20.2 Dwarf Stars
97.20.3 Solar Type Stars
97.20.4 Carbon Stars
97.20.5 AGB Stars
97.20.6 Giant Stars

97.25 Star Formation and Young Stellar Objects

97.25.1 Star Formation
97.25.4 Pre-Main Sequence, Young Stellar and Protostar Objects

97.30 Variable and Peculiar Stars

97.30.4 Wolf-Rayet Stars
97.30.6 Nova Stars
97.30.7 Cataclysmic Variables

97.60 Late Stages of Stellar Evolution

97.60.2 Supernovae
97.60.4 Pulsars
97.60.6 Neutron Stars

97.80 Binary and Multiple Stars

98. Stellar, Galactic and Extra-Galactic Systems

98.10 Properties of Galaxies

98.10.4 Dynamics, Mergers, and Collisions of Galaxies
98.10.6 Chemical Abundances and Chemical Evolution of Galaxies

98.20 Stellar Clusters

98.20.4 Open Clusters
98.20.6 Globular Clusters

98.35 The Galaxy

98.35.4 Local Interstellar Medium and Galactic Halo
98.35.5 Center of The Galaxy
98.35.6 Evolution of The Galaxy

98.40 Early-Type and Elliptic Galaxies

98.45 Spiral Galaxies

98.50 Disk Galaxies and Galactic Disks

98.52 Dwarf Galaxies

98.54 Active and Peculiar Galaxies; Quasars

98.54.1 Active Galactic Nuclei
98.54.2 Black Holes
98.54.3 Accretion and Accretion Disks
98.54.5 BL Lacertae Objects; Blazars
98.54.6 Seyfert Galaxies
98.54.7 Starburst, Infrared, and Radio Galaxies
98.54.8 Quasars

98.58 Inter-Stellar and Inter-Galactic Medium

98.58.4 Molecular Clouds
98.58.5 Masers
98.58.6 Ices, Grains, Dust
98.58.8 Planetary Nebulae

98.65 Galaxy Clusters

98.70 Other Sources of Radiations, Including Background Radiation

98.70.3 Background Radiation
98.70.8 Other Sources of Radiation

98.80 Cosmology, Including Dark Matter and Gravitational Lensing

98.80.2 Gamma-Ray Bursts
98.80.3 Dark Matter
98.80.4 Gravitational Lensing
98.80.5 Galaxy Distributions and Red Shift Surveys
98.80.7 Primordial Universe

99. Not yet determined

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