Fuat and Melissa's Bookmarks

We like books. We will have to buy a bigger apartment soon (or maybe a house) since we have run out of spots to put bookcases. Most of these books came from bookstores, some favorites, some occasional. Here is a collection of bookmarks from some of them.

Our regulars

Tarhan Kitabevi (Tarhan Bookstore)
One of Fuat's first favorite bookstores was this one in Ankara, Turkey.
Shakespeare & Co. Booksellers
A friendly bookstore fighting valiantly against a mega-bookstore up the block. [Shakespeare lost :-(]
Encore Books (back)
We used to like the Encore Books & Espresso Bar in Eastchester, which they called their Scarsdale branch. It is gone now.
Borders Book Shop
We used to go to Ann Arbor every summer for the original Borders, before they were bought by K-Mart.
Waldenbooks (back)
Oddly, we aren't Preferred Readers at Waldenbooks. Just stubborn, I guess. (Yes, the back of the bookmark is the same as the front.)
Coliseum Books (back)
A huge bookstore for when we're near Columbus Circle.
Computer Literacy Bookshops Inc. (back)
Fuat mail-orders computer books from here.
Paperbacks Plus (back)
Our friendly neighborhood bookstore (in Riverdale). We buy a lot of presents here in December.
Book Scientific
This bookstore is in Manhattan, and we have visited it once or twice. More often, Fuat orders books from them. However, they have never given us a bookmark -- we had to borrow this one from our friend Alan.
Barnes & Noble
We like Barnes & Noble. We go there all the time, in various locations. However, to quote a saleslady "We don't have any bookmarks to give away, but we can sell you one."
Posman Books
This was the bookstore for Barnard College (and Columbia). Their original branch is down near NYU.
Barnard Bookforum (old version)
The previous bookstore for Barnard College.
Papyrus is another Columbia-area bookstore, lots of magazines.
B. Dalton Bookseller
We didn't join B. Dalton's club either. We used to visit them on Central Avenue, but aren't sure we have seen them lately.
Cooper Square Books
This store had lots of trade books and high ceilings. The high ceilings are still there, but the bookstore is gone :-(.
Booksmith (back)
Melissa remembers this as being Paperback Booksmith once. It may not exist anymore.
Book of the Month Club (Old "Official" Bookmark)
Yes, we joined BOMC and got our five books for a dollar. But, living in New York, we had far more options for getting cheap books, without paying shipping. However, Fuat does still belong to Quality Paperback Books, since they do have good prices (but apparently no bookmarks).
amazon.com (back)
Amazon has become our default mail order bookstore. They send us a lot of bookmarks. We order a lot of books.
Noodle Kidoodle (back)
Noodle Kidoodle's motto was "kids learn best when they're having fun". They were hard to distinguish from, bought by, and merged with Zany Brainy, whose motto was "a zillion neat things for kids". Wait, now it's "Extraordinary toys for extraordinary kids".
Bookpool (back) [Bookpool 2000 (back)]
Bookpool usually sells technical books at a better discount than Amazon. Maybe you can tell from the "back" image (circa 2000) that their bookmark was a really cool translucent one.
Pickwick Book Shop
Pickwick does not have a web page. It's a little old independent bookstore in Nyack. They sell new and used books. They only had one old folded bookmark left, due to an incident involving water.

Some bookstores we have seen on our travels.

Joseph-Beth Booksellers (back)
A great bookstore we were introduced to in Kentucky.
Benjamin Books (back)
On our way to San Antonio, we were in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport for an hour or so -- enough time to buy books.
Bay Books
A bookstore with coffeehouse in Monterey.
Book Port
We visited this bookstore when we were in Portland, Oregon.
Upstart Crow and Company (back)
This appears to be in California.

A bookstore we have never been to.

the globe
This bookmark is on loan from the collection of Sam Fenster, who got it when he was in Prague.

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