Oct.2017 - group & friends. From l. to r.: Rui, Shah, Sharad, Andrew, Vanessa, Francesco, Chengcheng, Tommy.

May 2017. From l. to r.: Jacob, Yumou, Francesco, Ken, Tommy, Rui.

July 2016. From l. to r.: Taha, Francesco, Ken, Yumou, Rui, Jessica.

Sept.2015. Squatting, from l. to r.: Yumou, Jacob, Alek. Standing, from l. to r.: Lucas, Ben, Ken, Justin. Back: Francesco.

July 2015. From l. to r.: Francesco, Taha.

General Atomics, San Diego, Feb.2015. From l. to r.: Wilkie, Ryan.

Dec.2014. From l. to r.: Francesco, Lucas, CIRCUS, Michel, Ken.

Aug.2013. From l. to r.: Claudia, Yash, Yosef, Ryan, CNT, Ken, Scott, Tony.

Columbia, Feb.2013. From l. to r.: Francesco, Ken, Tony, Scott, Chuteng and Ryan.

General Atomics, San Diego, Feb. 2013. From l. to r.: Daisuke, Francesco, Erik.

UW-Madison, Aug.2010. From l. to r.: Sara, Mohamad-Ali, Francois, Francesco, Alf, Kyle, Shifan.

UW-Madison, Feb. 2010. Front, from l. to r.: Jonathan, Francois, Derek, Shifan, Francesco.