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Graciela Chichilnisky

Position: Director, Program on Information and Resources,
Director, Columbia Center for Risk Management
UNESCO Professor of Mathematics and Economics,
Professor of Statistics,
Columbia University

Address: 405 Low Library
Columbia University
116th and Broadway
New York, NY  10027

Telephone: (212) 854-7275

Fax: (212) 854-6309


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and US citizen since 1991. Two children.
Fluent in Spanish and French.

Academic Positions:

1998 - Director, Columbia Center for Risk Management, Columbia University

1994 - Director,  Program on Information and Resources, Columbia University

1995 - UNESCO Professor of Mathematics and Economics and Professor of
Statistics, Columbia University.

1980 - Professor of Economics, Columbia University. Tenured since 1979.

1996 Visiting Professor, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, August

1996 Visiting Professor, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and
University of Paris X, Nanterre,  June-July, 1996.

1994-95 Salinbemi Chair, Universita di Siena, Italy.

1993 - 94 Visiting Professor of Economics and Operations Research,
Department of Economics, Department of Operations Research, and Institute
for International Studies, Stanford University.

1993, 1994 Profesor Visitante, Universidad Catolica de Buenos Aires,
Argentina, August 1993 and April 1994.

1991- 1993 Visiting Professor, Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics
(SITE), Stanford University, Summers of 1991,1992, 1993, and 1994.

1991, 1992 Visiting Professor, University of Siena, Italy, Summer Terms
1991, 1992 and 1993.

1984-85 Professeur Missionaire, Universite des Antilles et de la Guyane,
Short Term visits, Spring terms.

1983-84 Visiting Professor, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications,
University of Minnesota.

1980-81 Chair in Economics, University of Essex, United Kingdom.

1977-80 Associate Professor of Economics, Columbia University, Tenured since

1978 Fellow, Harvard Institute of International Development, Harvard

1975-77 Lecturer, Department of Economics, Harvard University.

1974 Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University.

Professional Positions:

1999-               Lead Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

1999-        Member of Board of Editors, Review of Development Economics

1998- Member of the Editorial Advisory Council, Pacific Economic Review

1997 Member of  Board of Editors, Journal of Economic Integration, Institute
for International Economics Sejong Institution,Seoul,Korea

1976-1986 Associate Editor, Journal of Development Economics. Elsevier
Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

1981-1986 Editorial Board, Review of Economic Studies. Blackwell Publishers,
108 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1JF U.K.

1980-1985 Editorial Board, Advances in Applied Mathematics. Academic Press,
6277 Sea Harbor Drive, Orlando, Florida 32887-4900.

1984 - 1996 Editorial Board, Social Choice and Welfare. Springer-Verlag,
Postfach 31 13 40, D-10643, Berlin, Germany.

1985 - 1996 Editorial Board, International Journal of Development Planning
Literature. Spellbound Publications PVT.LTC 177/28, Model Town, Delhi Road,
Medical Mor, Rohtak - 124001, India.

1991 - 1996 Member of the Council of Social Choice and Welfare Society,
Editorial Board, Social Choice and Welfare. Springer-Verlag, Postfach 31 13
40, D-10643, Berlin, Germany.

1993 - 1996 Editorial Board, Economics Letters. Elsevier Science S.A., PO
Box 564, CH-1001, Lausanne, Switzerland.

1993 - 1996 Editorial Board, Journal of International Trade and Economic
Development. Routledge, 11 New Fetter Ln. London, EC4P 4EE, UK.

1993 - 1996 Editorial Board, Journal of International and Comparative
Economics. Physica-Verlag, Tiergarten Strasse 17, D-69121, Heidelberg,

1994 - 1996 Member, Advisory Board, Metroeconomica Blackwell Publishers
Journal, PO Box 805, 108 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1FH, UK.

1993-94 Chair, Organizing Committee, Conference and Workshop on "Geometry,
Topology and Markets."  The Fields Institute of Mathematical Sciences,

1993-94 Member, Program Committee, Econometric Society North American Summer
Meetings, Toronto, Canada.

1993 - 1996 Advisor and Contributing Author, Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change (IPCC).

1996-97 Member of the Second National Forum on Biodiversity of the National
Academy of Sciences.

1996-2000 Editorial Board, International Review of Economics and Finance.
JAI Press Inc., 55 Old Post Road No. 2, P.O. Box 1678, Greenwich, CT

1996- Member of the Editorial Advisory Council, Pacific Economic Review.
Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, U.K. and Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

1996- Editorial Board, Risk, Decision & Policy.  Chapman & Hall, 2-6
Boundary Row,  London SE1 8HN, UK.

1997- Member of the Technical and Scientific Advisory Committee for the
International Program on Research and Development, Ministry of  Environment,
Water Resources and Legal Amazon, Brazil.

1997- Member of Editorial Board, Non Linear World, International Federation
of Nonlinear Analysts (IFDA).

1997- Member of Editorial Board, Advances in Applied Mathematics, MIT,
Cambridge, MA.

Professional Associations:

Member of the American Mathematical Society
Member of the American Economic Association
Member of  the American Statistical Association

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1960-65 High School: Instituto National de Lenguas Vivas,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
No undergraduate studies

1967-68 Ph.D. Program in Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1968-71 Ph.D. Program in Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley
Degrees: M.A., 1970, Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1971
Thesis title:  "Lifting Action on Spin Manifolds"
Ph.D. Adviser: Professor Jerrold Marsden

1972-74 Ph.D. Program in Economics, University of California, Berkeley
Degree:  Ph.D. in Economics, 1976
Thesis title: "Manifolds of Preferences and Equilibria"
Ph. D. Adviser: Professor Gerard Debreu.

Honors and Awards:

1999 Keynote Address, XII World Congress of the International Economics
Association, Buenos Aires, August 23 - 27, 1999

1999 Keynote Address, 12th Workshop of the International School of Economic
Research, Siena, July 1999
"General Equilibrium: Problems, Prospects, and Alternatives"

1999 Three Pegram Lectures, "Biosphere and Society", Brookhaven National
Laboratory, March 12, 15, 17, 1999.

1998 Keynote Address, "Advances in Emissions Trading", Third International
Symposium on Global Accords for Sustainable Development, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, September 1998.

1998 Keynote Address, "Clean and Sustainable Industrial Development",
Presentation to the General Assembly of UNIDO Meeting on Industrialization
in the 21st Century, Vienna, May 1998.

1998 Keynote Address " The Knowledge Revolution:  Updating Property Rights"
at the Missouri Botanical Garden Conference on Managing Human Dominated
Ecosystems, March 1998.

1997 Keynote Address to the Australasian Meetings of the Econometric
Society, "Markets with Endogenous Uncertainty" Melbourne, Australia, July

1996 Plenary Address to the Second World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts, "A
Topological Invariant for Competitive Markets." Athens, Greece, July 10-17,

1996 "The Future of Global Reinsurance" Keynote Address, Independent
Reinsurance Underwriters Association of the USA, New Jersey, September  9,

1996 "Environmental Markets: Equity and Efficiency" Keynote Presentation,
New York University Law School Workshop at Villa La Pietra, Florence, Italy,
July 22, 1996.

1996 Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Workshop on Catastrophic
Environmental Risks, The Fields Institute for Mathematical Sciences,
Toronto, Canada, June 1996.

1996 Distinguished Lectures on "Managing the Global Environment: Between
Equity and Efficiency," University of Paris Nanterre, EHESS, and CIRED,
Paris, June 19-27, 1996.

1996 "Property Rights in Markets for Knowledge," Invited Address to the
American Economic Association Yearly Meetings, San Francisco, January 1996.

1995- Member, Review Panel on Mathematical Science Education, National
Science Foundation, June 1995.

1995 "Markets with Emissions Trading: the Case for an International Bank for
Environmental Settlements," Keynote Plenary address to: The Third Annual
World Bank Conference on Effective Financing of Environmentally Sustainable
Development, The World Bank, October 5, 1995, Washington, D.C.

1995 Leif Johansen Award, "Endogenous Uncertainty & Resource Allocation,"
March 1995, University of Oslo, Norway.

1995 Invited Speaker:  "Topics in Mathematical Finance," Colloquium, Applied
Mathematics Department, Columbia University, New York, New York, April 1995.

1995 Invited Speaker:  "Perspectives of General Equilibrium Analysis,"
Colloquium in Honor of Frank Hahn's 70th Birthday, Department of Political
Economy of the University of Siena, Siena, Italy, April 1995.

1994 Keynote Speaker: "Trade Regimes and GATT," CIDEI, University of Rome,
La Sapienza, December 1994.

1994-1998 Member, Board of Trustees, Natural Resources Defense Council
(NRDC), New York.

1994 David Kinley Distinguished Lecture, University of Illinois,  "Global
Environmental Policy:  Equity and Efficiency," Champaign, Illinois, November
28, 1994.

1994 Invited Speaker:  "Limited Arbitrage, Gains from Trade and Social
Diversity: a Unified Perspective on Resource Allocation," University of
California at Irvine, Irvine California, August 1994.

1994 Plenary Speaker: "Markets With Endogenous Uncertainty,"  FUR VII OLSO
Foundation of Uncertainty and Risk, July 1994.

1994 Invited Speaker:  "What is Sustainable Development,"  Conference on
Incommensurability and Value, Chateau du Baffy, Normandy, France, April

1994 Invited Speaker: Conference on Biological Diversity: Exploring the
Complexities, Conference at the University of Arizona, Tucson Arizona, March

1994 Invited Speaker: "A Unified Perspective on Resource Allocation,"
International Economic Association Round Table on Social Choice, Schloss
Hernstein, Vienna, Austria, May 1994.

1994 Invited Speaker:  "Property Rights, North-South Trade and the Global
Environment," Conference on Agricultural Trade and the Environment:
Understanding and Measuring the Critical Linkages, International
Agricultural Trade Research Consortium and The U.S. Agency for International
Development, Toronto Canada,  June 17-18, 1994.

1994 Invited Minicourse "Topology and Markets," The Fields Institute of
Mathematical Sciences of Canada, August 1994.

1994 Keynote Speaker: "Meanings of Equity" in Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change (IPCC), UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya, July 1994.

1994 Contributed author IPCC, "Equity and Social Considerations."

1994 Keynote Speaker: "Markets With Emission Permits:  Equity and
Efficiency," Ülvon Conference on the Environment, Beijer Institute, Royal
Swedish Academy of Sciences, Ülvon, Sweden, May 1994.

1994 Invited Speaker: "Intersecting Families of Sets," Colloquium,
Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, February

1994 - 95 Salinbemi Chair, University of Siena, Siena, Italy.

1995 Invited Speaker and Session Chair on"Topology & Resource Allocation,"
in Conference on Current Trends in Economics: Theory and Applications, May
22-28, 1995. Cephalonia, Greece.

1994 Invited Speaker: "Arbitrage, Gains from Trade and Social Diversity: A
Unified Perspective on Resource Allocation", American Economic Association
Yearly Meetings, Boston, January 3-5 1994.

1993 Invited Speaker:  "A Topological Interpretation of Hirsch's Monotone
Dynamics," "Hirsch Symposium," Midwest Dynamical Systems Seminar, Fall 1993,
University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley CA, October 24, 1993.

1992 Invited Speaker:  "The Topology of Markets and Games," European
Congress of Mathematicians, Satellite Seminar on Mathematics and Economics,
Chaired by G. Debreu, Paris, July 4, 1992.

1991,1992, 1993 Siena Fellowship, Monti di Paschi di Siena, University of
Siena, Italy.

1991 Newcombe Foundation and ODE, Honor Society in Economics Award: Most
Distinguished Women Economist, Tulane University, New Orleans.

1985-86 Awarded: National Science Foundation Professorship, Department of
Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley.

1983-84 Rockefeller Foundation, International Relations Award.

1972-74 Fellowship, Banco Central de la Republica Argentina

1968-69 Ford Foundation Fellowship for Studies in Mathematics



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