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Wright. What a great word.

wright (____), n.1 Forms: _. 1 wyrhta, Northumb. wyrihta, -te, wyrchta, 1_2 Kent. werhta; 2 wirhta, 3 wurhte, wuruhte. _. 1 wryhta, 3 wruhte, wrihhte, 3_4 wriht(e, 5 wrihte, 3_5 wryhte, wryht, (3, 5 wryth, 5 wrythe), 4 wry_t(e, 4_5 wri_t, 4_6 wrighte (4 whright, wrigth, writh), 5_6 wryght(e, 4_ wright; 2 wrichte, 5_6 Sc. wrycht (6 vrycht), 5_7, 9 Sc. wricht (5, 9 vricht, 9 wiricht); 4 wreght, 5 Sc. wrecht, 6 Sc. wreicht, 7 wreight, 9 dial. wreeght. _. 5 wryte, north. write, 9 north. dial. wreet (whreet), reet. [OE. wyrhta, wryhta, etc. (also _ewyrhta), = OFris. wrichta, OS. wurhtio, -eo, OHG. wurhto (MHG. (in combs.) wurhte, würhte, worhte), f. wurh-:---OTeut. *wur_-, variant stem of *wurk-: see work v.]

1. An artificer or handicraftsman; esp. a constructive workman. Now arch. or dial.

I've always been amused by the fact that Playwright is etymologically related to Wheelwright and Ploughwright.

The word itself contains the truth of writing. It is "wrighting" words into the proper, functional, unbreakable shape.

I've always been somewhat saddened by the fact that Screenwriting, however, perhaps because it is a more modern neologism created in a time without wheelwrights, does not share the same suffix as "playwright."

Some Notes on Screenwrighting.


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