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June 2015

For the Fall 2015 term I am planning on offering a new course - Normative Perspectives on the Analysis of Learners and Learning - This course will introduce students to multiple normative perspectives on the activities connected to progress in our capacity to examine learning and learners, represented most notably by the rise of learning analytics. Students who complete the course will have developed strategies for framing and responding to the range of values-laden opportunities and dilemmas presented to the research, policy, and practice communities as a result of the increasing capacity to monitor learning and learners.

June 2015

During the Summer terms I will be on campus at the EdLab at the Gottesman Libraries

June 2014

During the Fall 2014 term I will be teaching HUDK4031 – The Sociology of Evaluation

June 2013 

During the Fall 2013 I will be teaching HUDK4011 - The Sociology of Online Learning

January 2009

For the Spring semester I will be teaching a new course, HUDF5199 - The Learning Opportunities Laboratory





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