The Congressional Links Web Page

Prof. Gregory Wawro
Department of Political Science
Columbia University

Welcome! This page provides links to many web pages with information on Congress. If you have any problems accessing this page or its links or would like to add a link, send me email.

  • Click here to see the syllabus for POLS V3701.001. Seminar in American Politics: Congressional Politics.

  • Here are some sites with general information on Congress:

  • Congressional Compass "The world's most comprehensive access to U.S. Legislative information." Columbia is paying for you to have access to this site so make sure the university is getting its money's worth!
  • Cap Web is a great place to start to find congressional info on the web.
  • Roll Call is the newspaper of Capitol Hill.
  • Congressional Quarterly Vote Watch
  • Congressional Quarterly Gopher
  • C-SPAN
  • Politics by the Numbers Statistical analysis of congressional voting records, recorded votes on key bills, and rankings of members of Congress using ratings assigned by special interest groups.
  • Congressional Research Step-by-step guide to the various stages of the federal legislative process with links to web sources as well as descriptions of paper, microform, CD-ROM, and on-line sources.
  • Washington Post Online The national page of the Washington Post.
  • Today In Congress Daily summary of the day's activities on Capitol Hill, including schedules for hearings and speakers, as well as the full text of bills.

    "Official" congressional sites:

  • U.S. House of Representatives Home Page
  • U.S. Senate Home Page
  • THOMAS Page--legislative information on the internet
  • The U.S. Legislative Branch--Library of Congress Internet Resource Page

    The following pages have information about elections:

  • CQ's American Voter '96
  • Campaign '96 Online
  • All Politics
  • Federal Election Commission
  • FECinfo

    Last Updated 19 August 1997