Netizens Netbook (PDF)
by Ronda Hauben and  Michael Hauben
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Foreword: By Tom Truscott
Preface: What is a Netizen?
Introduction: Participatory Networks

Part I - The Present: What Has Been Created and How?

Chapter 1 - The Net and the Netizens: The Effect the Net has on People's Lives
Chapter 2 - The Evolution of Usenet: The Poor Man's Arpanet
Chapter 3 - The Social Forces Behind The Development of Usenet
Chapter 4 - The World of Usenet

Part II - The Past: Where Has It All Come From?

Chapter 5 - The Vision of Interactive Computing and the Future
Chapter 6 - Cybernetics, Time-sharing, Human-Computer Symbiosis and On-line Communities: Creating a Supercommunity of On-line Communities
Chapter 7 - Behind the Net: Computer Science and the Untold Story of the ARPANET
Chapter 8 - The Birth and Development of the ARPANET
Chapter 9 - On the Early History and Impact of UNIX: Tools to Build the Tools for a New Millennium
Chapter 10 - On the Early Days of Usenet: The Roots of the Cooperative Online Culture

Part III - And the Future?

Chapter 11 - The NTIA Conference on the Future of the Net Creating a Prototype for a Democratic Decision Making Process
Chapter 12 - "Imminent Death of the Net Predicted!"
Chapter 13 - The Effect of the Net on the Professional News Media: The Usenet News Collective and Man-Computer News Symbiosis
Chapter 14 - The Net and the Future of Politics: The Ascendancy of the Commons
Chapter 15 - Exploring New York City's On-Line Community: A Snapshot of NYC.General

Part IV - Contributions Towards Developing a Theoretical Framework

Chapter 16 - The Expanding Commonwealth of Learning: Printing and the Net
Chapter 17 - `Arte': An Economic Perspective
Chapter 18 - The Computer as Democratizer

Glossary of Acronyms



Proposed draft Declaration of the Rights of Netizens

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