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The Netizens and the Wonderful World of the Net: An Anthology

Table of Contents


Part I - Automation and the Net

Chapter 1 - The Evolution of Usenet News: The Poor Man's Arpanet
Chapter 2 - "`Arte', Computers and Usenet News"

Part II - Perspective

Chapter 3 - The Social Forces Behind The Development of Usenet News
Chapter 4 - From Arpanet to Usenet: On the Nourishment of the Net Commonwealth
Chapter 5 - Role of Unix in the Development of the Net and in the Automation of Telephone Support Operations
Chapter 6 - Behind the Net: The Untold Story of the Arpanet

Part III - The Net and the Netizens - What the Net Means to the Online Community.

Chapter 7 - The Net and the Netizens: The Impact the Net Has on People's Lives.
Chapter 8 - Interview with A Net Pioneer: On Usenet News and C News.

Part IV - The Net: Common Wealth or Private Profit

Chapter 9 - The Expanding Commonwealth of Learning: The Printing Press and the Net
Chapter 10 - The Computer As Democratizer
Chapter 11 - AUP and Government Plans and Proposals
Chapter 12 - Imminent Death of the Net is Predicted!
Chapter 13 - Proposed Declaration of the Rights of Netizens
Chapter 14 - The Soul of the Net and the Future of Usenet


Unix and Computer Science
CityNet in New Zealand
The Beginning of the Network Working Group and the Origins of RFCs

(Suggestions for articles to be included in this section are requested) A selection of some of the important articles that have contributed to the theory and practice of the development of the current Global Network.

This is work is being contributed to the Net to support its cooperative nature. It may be freely distributed for noncommercial purposes. Commercial use is not permitted.

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