Some Newsgroups About the Net

(Note: You will only be able to access those newsgroups which your Netnews Server receives.)
Discussions on the culture of Usenet News. Or rather meta-discussions. This (and the rest of these groups) are intended for the discussion of the medium being used to discuss.
Discussions in the NEWS big-7 about Usenet.
Conversations about the future of Usenet News and NetNews.
People who want to talk about the culture of the Internet.
People who want to talk about the culture of Usenet / Netnews.
People who want to talk about the culture of the World Wide Web.
Discussions of life (??) on the Internet. Usually not very active.
I like this one! Conversations about what happens in "cyberspace" (A rather loose term.) [Hmmpf, seems to be have been taken over by the "neu neutopian" crowd. Dunno what the group really is anymore!]
Discussions about the various forms of Net-Abuse that have arisen recently.
Discusions of scandals taking place on the Net.
Discussions about how the Net is covered in the traditional mass media of Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Radio.
Where netnews policy is activly formed. An open newsgroup, feel free to join in.
General topics about netnews administration.
Where technical questions and issues about netnews administration are raised and discussed.
Where new newsgroups are born for the big-7 hierarchy (comp,misc,news,rec, sci,soc,talk).
Announcements of new newsgroups. [moderated]
Resource to help figure out what newsgroups to post and read.
Newsgroups are reviewed here. [moderated]
Like news.groups, but for the alt area of netnews. This is where new newsgroups petitions and the like are floated.

Misc. Newsgroups

Discussion about the Effect of Computers on Society. [Moderated]
Seems to be down for a prolonged period of time. Unsure of the satus of this newsgroup/mailing list. It would be a real loss if this is a permanent closure.
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