The Vision Behind Today's Global Computer Networks

I. The Question

The question I approached was the folllowing:

"What was the Vision which influenced the development and growth of the global computer Network, and does that vision still guide the Net?"

or "What advance does Computer Communications represent to our society?"

I posted a message to several Usenet Groups to get people's thoughts on these questions. Here is the post.

II. My Original Work on the Project

Here are my thoughts on the topic. And this is a link to the specific section which speaks to the idea of a driving vision behind the Net.

III. Review of Literature

Here is my review of literature which exists about any driving vision. This review of literature is titled "The Vision of Interactive Computing and the Future".

IV. Methodology

This is the approach I took in researching this question and analyzing the data.

V. Conclusion

My research in this area is currently on-going. However, my review of literature doubles as both a review, and as a conclusion.

Lastly, here are links to The Netizens and the Wonderful World of the Net Book. This net book has helpful articles relevent to the History of the 'Net.

Note: It will probably be easier to connect to the HTTP link than the ftp link for wuarchive.

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