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I have received e-mail from many people asking where to find the cheap hotels, good bars, and other general questions about life in New York City. While I have collected many NYC WWW pages, and make this knowledge available on my pages, I do not know that much more. %-)

So I apologize for all the e-mail I have not responded to, but do have a few recomendations to make. One, do a web search, Veronica gopher search, or an Archie FTP search of your own using keywords like new york city and hotel or bar, or something unique to your question. If you find relevant web pages that I do not have listed, please send me the URL so I can consider adding it to my list.

If you do not find anything on a web search, then you should post your questions to an appropiate newsgroup. Some broad general newsgroups include nyc.general, and ny.general. However, note that these newsgroups might not be available in your local newsfeed. If not, you should post your question to a more specific newsgroup, and add nyc.general into the newsgroups line so that it will be crossposted somewhere along the spread of the message. This means you can ignore your newsreaders error message reporting that one of the newsgroups you listed is invalid.

If you want more information on how to read or post to Usenet, search for the correct newsgroup or otherwise, check out one of these links:

If you do not have access to Usenet from your account, then you can try these two WWW pages:
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