My Recent Trips

June 1999 - First time back to England since I was 10. Visited London, Cambridge and Oxford.

October 1998 - amazing visit to Berlin, Germany. Need to scan photos

April 1998 - first trip to West coast of Usa/Canada - stopped in Vancouver,B.C., Seattle, Washington and San Francisco, CA

May 1997 - traveled to Corfu and Athens in Greece to attend the IFIP 9.2/9.5 working group Conference on Culture and Democracy Revisited in the Information Society.

August 1996 - traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

June 1996 - traveled to Montreal, Quebec, Canada for INET '96.

At the end of November 1995, I visited Japan for two weeks. I was invited to speak at the Hypernetwork '95, Beppu Bay Conference in Beppu. The theme of the conference was "The Netizen Revolution and the Regional Information Infrastructure." My speech was on "The Netizens and Community Networks" Beppu is located in Oita prefecture on the westmost island of Japan, Kyushu. A Beppu Bay Conference home page in Japanese.

In addition, I attended two conferences in Kobe: Internet Wave '95, and the Japan World Wide Web Conference '95. On either side of this seven-day trip into the depths of Japan I was in Tokyo. There I spoke at the Global Communication Institute's (GLOCOM) Intelprise-Enterprise Collaboration Program (IECP) about Netizens. While in the Tokyo area, I also visited Zusei, Kanagawa, Kamakura, Yokosuka, and Fujisawa.

Here are some of the very special people I met who welcomed me to Japan with huge hearts. Many belonged to the community network called COARA. I will put more photos up shortly, including one of me with Mieko. She welcomed me to Japan through e-mail, we met, and we still stay in touch. :-)

A fun time at a Karoke Bar in Yufuin
[nice picture]
The beauty of Beppu Bay (the view from my hotel window)
[nice picture]
Friends from Saitama University over a dinner of Nabe.
[nice picture]
My host family while in Tokyo.
[nice picture]
Friends from Beppu on top of Mt. Tsurumi
[nice picture]
Mt. Fuji at Sunset from Fujisawa
[nice picture]

I met up with Masahiro Ito and danced to techno and acid at Automatix in Tokyo.
[nice picture]

Other people I met while in Japan, Hiro Inoue and me, and meeting with students from Saitama. An open New Years Greeting Letter in English from Kenji Rikitake, who I met in Kobe.

During August, I visited Paris with my friend Simon for a week in what was my first real vacation in a long time. This was also my very first visit to Paris. (And part of a day in Versailles)
[nice picture] [nice picture] [nice picture]

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