Special Projects from Bib 2000, Bib 2002, and Bib 2003


Adam Clulow (Bib 2002)
Ch. 8: Japanese-Language Periodicals

Federico Marcon (Bib 2002)
Ch. 13: Places: Geography and Place Names

Heather Blair
(Bib 2002)
Ch. 15-A: Religion

Federico Marcon (Bib 2002)
Ch. 15-B: Philosophy

Chelsea Foxwell
(Bib 2002)
Ch. 17-A: Art History

Loren Edelson
(Bib 2002)
Ch. 17-B: new chapter on Theater


(Note: These projects are listed roughly in the order of the topics presented in Bib 95)

Nicola Burt and Natsuko Takaoka (Bib 2000) 
Electronic Resources: English and Japanese Language Japan-related Sites

Steve Wills (Bib 2002)
Q&A about the Koseisha Collection of Prewar Bibliographies and Indexes
(Meiji-Taisho-Showa zenki Zasshi Kiji sakuin shusei)

Satoko Shimazaki (Bib 2000)
Electronic Texts of Pre-Modern Japanese Literature

Brian Dowdle (Bib 2003)
Hon'yaku Bungaku: Meiji Translations of Western Literature

Satoru Saito (Bib 2000)
Japanese Popular Literature

Satoko Naito (Bib 2003)
Electronic Databases at the National Institute of Japanese Literature (NIJL)

Tomohisa Inano (Bib 2000)
Research on Japanese Cinema

Rosina Buckland (Bib 2000)
Collections of Japanese Art Online and in Print

Monica Kline (Bib 2003)
Resources in Japanese Women's History

Aaron Skabelund (Bib 2000)
A Basic Guide to Resources on Environmental History

Dennis Frost (Bib 2000)
A Basic Guide to Resources on Okinawan and Ryukyuan History

Nicole Cohen (Bib 2000)
Japanese Periodicals in Colonial Korea
Japan Section, Asian Division of The Library of Congress

Lee Pennington (Bib 2000)
Researching Modern Japanese Military Affairs

Matthew Augustine (Bib 2002)
A Guide to Resources on the Allied Occupation of Japan

J Southgate (Bib 2000)
Materials for the Study of Japanese Law  (added to Bib 95 as Ch. 22)

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