Act Two:

Dramatis Personae:

Kakogawa Honzô Yukikuni - chief retainer (karô) of Wakasanosuke
Konami - Honzô's daughter, promised in marriage to Rikiya
Tonase - Honzô's wife
Ôboshi Rikiya - son of Enya's chief retainer, Ôboshi Yuranosuke, promised in marriage to Konami
Momonoi Wakasanosuke Yasuchika - younger brother of the lord of Harima


Act two opens on the grounds of Wakasanosuke's estate, which is alive with gossip about the unknown details of Moronao's treatment of Wakasanosuke the previous day. Honz? enters and dismisses two such gossiping servants, admonishing them for chatter that could bring shame on the household. Tonase and Konami approach and inform Honz? that Wakasanosuke's wife, too, has somehow heard the rumors of yesterday's conflict and is deeply concerned over what it might mean. Honz? chides them for not putting her ladyship at ease and parries their question by saying that women and children always make too much of such a situation.

As Honz? takes his leave, Rikiya enters with an official message for lord of the house from Enya. Although Tonase is specifically instructed to receive him with all due formality and relay the contents of the message, she passes the duty to Konami, aware of her daughters desire to spend time with her future husband. But, as the virginal Konami is capable of naught but blushing, Tonase is forced to fake a bout of chronic back pain in an effort to force the young couple together.

Although the two love each other deeply, Rikiya, an upright youth of seventeen worthy of the name ?boshi, makes every attempt to avoid improper behavior while he is serving in an official capacity, despite Konami's coquettish behavior. Wakasanosuke enters just as Rikiya ceremoniously conveys his message: Both Enya and Wakasanosuke must be at Tadayoshi's palace by four the next morning.

After both Rikiya and Konami take their leave, Wakasanosuke summons Honz? and asks to discuss something with him in private. Before speaking his mind, Wakasanosuke demands that Honz? swear to neither reveal his lord's intentions nor try to dissuade him from action. Honz?, after some reluctance, swears the oath. Wakasanosuke then proceeds to tell him of the insults he was subjected to and his resolve to exact revenge on Moronao the very next day. Though such an act would likely precipitate the end of his household as well as his own demise, Wakasanosuke considers Moronao's slaying to be a service to the nation. Honz? encourages his master's plan and urges him act decisively.

As soon as Wakasanosuke take his leave, Honz? calls for his horse and sets off for Moronao's mansion, ignoring the pleas of his wife and daughter to try to talk their lord out of his murderous plan.