Act Five:

Dramatis Personae:

Hayano Kanpei - ex-retainer of Enya, now married to Okaru and living with her parents
Senzaki Yagor? - ex-retainer of Enya
Ono Sadakur? - ex-retainer of Enya turned bandit
Old man - Okaru's father, Yoichibei


Kanpei now lives in the rural town of Yamazaki and ekes out a scant existence by hunting in the mountain woods. One cold and rainy night during hunting trip, he comes across a stranger and asks him for a light for his lantern. Once the stranger overcomes his caution and approaches, Kanpei realizes that it is none other than Yagor?, whom he has not seen since Enya's attack on Moronao. Although the chance encounter is a happy one, Kanpei speaks of the shame he feels at having failed in his duties and explains what he has been doing the past several months. Kanpei tells Yagor? of the rumors he has heard concerning Yuranosuke's plans for revenge and humbly begs to be included into the league of avengers if indeed such a things exists.

Moved by old feelings of friendship, Yagor? indirectly reveals Yuranosuke's plans. Seizing the opportunity, Kanpei states his desire to make a significant monetary contribution to their efforts, despite his poverty-stricken lifestyle; he believes that Okaru's father, Yoichibei, would be amenable to giving him financial help for such a noble cause. Yagor? makes no promises, but promises to plead Kanpei's case before Yuranosuke. He also gives Kanpei the address to which he should bring the contribution once he has procured it. Kanpei thanks his old friend profusely and the two take their leave in separate directions.

As the rain continues to pound, an honest old man, filled with love for his child, appears trudging down the road. Sadakur? enters and calls for the old man to stop. Quickly giving up any pretense at kindness towards strangers, Sadakur?, now a bandit that plies his trade along the mountain roads, threatens to kill the old man should he not hand over the stripped wallet he carries. The old man resists, begging to be allowed on his way, only to have Sadakur? unceremoniously run him through with his sword. Not at all concerned about his own life, the old man pleads with Sadakur? to allow him to return home with the money, which he received from selling his daughter into prostitution. Sadakur? scoffs at the old mans tragic plight and, bidding him hurry on his way to paradise, heaves his body into a ravine.

When Sadakur? gets up to leave, a wild boar bursts out of the woods. As he turns to watch it pass, a gunshot rips through his body and he dies instantly. Believing he has bagged the boar, Kanpei runs up only to discover that he has killed a man instead. (The darkness prevents him from learning Sadakur?'s identity.) While running his hands along the body to check for vital signs, Kanpei discovers the stripped wallet and, finding 50 ry? inside, feels sure it is a gift from heaven.