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Pointers to Truth

 33 pages. The Journal of Philosophy May 1992 (vol. LXXXIX, number 5).
Some diagrams contained in the Journal article have not been reproduced here.



  Pointers to Propositions
Self contained sequel to "Pointers to Truth".

In Circularity, Definition, and Truth
editors: Andre Chapuis and Anil Gupta, Indian Council of Philosophical Research (2000) pp. 79 – 121.)

Is the "Bottom-Up" Approach from the Theory of Meaning to Metaphysics possible?
Journal of Philosophy, August 1996 pp. 373 - 407


Self-Reference and the Acyclity of Rational Choice
Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 96 (1999) pp. 117-140


What Gödel’s Incompleteness Result Does and Does Not Show
The Journal of Philosophy August 2000 pp. 462-470


 Vagueness, Tolerance and Contextual Logic  

[Final version appeared in Synthese, 2010, see below] 
41 pages. January  2002.
Sums Works presented in several conferences during 1997--2001.  


Non-Standard Models in a Broader Perspective
In: Nonstandard Models of Arithmetic and Set Theory, ed. A. Enayat and R. Kossak,
The Contemporary Mathematics Series, Am. Math. Soc. publications, 2003, pp. 1-22

Reasoning with Bounded Resources and Assigning Probabilities to Arithmetical Statements
Synthese May 2004, vol.140, 1-2 pp. 97-119
(Uploaded February 17 2008, previous version had typos).

The Easy Way to Gödel’s Proof and Related Matters
An exposition of the basic ideas and the history leading to
the incompleteness results.
14 pages.

Some Thoughts and a Proposal in the Philosophy of Mathematics
in: Logic Methodology and Philosophy of Science
Proceedings of the Twelvth International Congress,
 ed. P.H. Hajek, L.V., VIllanueva and D. Westerstahl.
 pages 351 - 372

Naming and Diagonalization, From Cantor to Gödel to Kleene
Logic Journal of the IGPL, October 2006 pp. 709 - 728

Questions and Answers on Formal Philosophy (and Personal)
In: Formal Philosophy, edited by V. Hendricks and J. Symons,
2005, Automatic Press, pp. 53-64


Contextual Logic with Modalities for Time and Space

Review of Symbolic Logic vol 1, No 4, December 2008 pp. 433-458


Questions and Answers on Probability and Statistics
In: Formal Philosophy, edited by Allan Hajek and Vincent Hendricks
2009, Automatic Press 2009 pp. 41-57


Vagueness Tolerance and Contextual Logic

Synthese v.174, 2010 pp. 5-46
[includes corrections of various typos that appeared in
the published paper]



Deceptiveness Updating and Minimal Information Methods
31 pages. (Joint work with Anubav Vasudevan)
To appear in Synthese



On Ontology and Realism in Mathematics

36 pages. To appear in Review of Symbolic Logic