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I'm ...
   an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University.
   a PostDoc innovation fellow in Teachers College, Columbia University.

I'm also...

   teaching Data Visualization at QMSS, Columbia University

   advising & working closely with graduate students on several projects. Refer to my research highlights.

   involved in several EdLab projects: ResearchBroker, Vialogues, New Learning Times, mSchool etc. more

   writing Research Digest on New Learning Times; research papers; #rstats & #java blogs; novels

   reading R-bloggers; Scooping Education, Technology, Science; more on twitter

   blogging: research-related, life-philosophy-enchilada (upon request)

   listening to Arming the donkeys: weekly podcast about social science & iRadio - weekly top 50 pop


EdLab, Teachers College, Columbia University
525 W. 120th Street,
NYC, NY 10027, USA
Email: ih2240 -at-