Iuliana Ionita-Laza

Associate Professor
Department of Biostatistics
Columbia University

Irina Hannah


Statistical genomics. My main research interests lie at the interface between statistics and genomics. I am particularly interested in developing statistical and computational methods for the analysis of high-dimensional genetic and functional genomics data. I am also involved in applications of such methods to understand the genetic basis of complex diseases and traits, including autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia. Below is a list of selected preprints/publications.

Statistical methods for the analysis of whole-genome sequencing data

Selected Publications


I am the principal investigator of the following grants:

Some professional activities

- I am an associate editor for Biometrics, and Statistics in Biosciences.

- I am a regular member of the Genomics, Computational Biology and Technology Study Section [GCAT].

- Recent and upcoming talks: UCLA Computational Genomics Summer Institute (July 2018), JSM (Vancouver, July 2018), Banff workshop (August 2018), Mount Sinai Computational Genomics Seminar (October 2018), University of Michigan (Department of Biostatistics, October 2018), Emory University (January 2019), Banff workshop (February 2019), Yale University (Department of Biostatistics, March 2019), Harvard University (Department of Biostatistics, May 2019), CIRM workshop (Marseille Luminy, June 2019)

- Organizer for SAGES (Penn, June 2019), and Banff workshop (Banff, February 2019)

- I am affiliated with the following programs:

The program for mathematical genomics at Columbia University

ASA Section on Statistics in Genetics and Genomics

Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering at Columbia University

Openings: I am recruiting postdocs/students. Please email me (ii2135@columbia.edu) if interested.