Iuliana Ionita-Laza

Department of Biostatistics
Columbia University

Irina Hannah


Statistical genomics. My main research interests lie at the interface between statistics and genomics. I am particularly interested in developing statistical and machine learning methods for the analysis of high-dimensional genetic and functional genomics data. I am also involved in applications of such methods to understand the genetic basis of complex diseases and traits, including autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease.

Genomics Seminar (2022-2023)

Selected papers

Funding (as PI)

Some professional activities

- I am an associate editor for Biometrics, and Statistics in Biosciences.

- Workshops organized: La Fondation des Treilles (France, 2024), Symposium on Advances in Genomics, Epidemiology and Statistics (Penn, 2015-present), BIRS workshop on deep learning methods in genomics (Canada, 2022), BIRS workshop on genomics and microbiome (Canada, February 2019), Oberwolfach Workshop in Statistical Genomics (Germany, 2015).

Openings: I am recruiting students/postdocs. Please email me (ii2135@columbia.edu) if interested.