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Project STRIDE concerned the intersection of minority identities related to sexual orientation, gender, and race/ethnicity. The research (a) described social stressors that affect minority populations, (b) explored the coping and social support resources that they utilize as they confront these social stressors, and (c) assessed the impact of these stressors on mental health. The study also explored the impact of various identity characteristics -- such as whether an identity is viewed positively or negatively, or whether it is prominent or not -- on the relationship between stress and mental health.

The study used a longitudinal design with a one-year follow-up with 524 respondents recruited from diverse sources in communities of New York City. More information about STRIDE participants can be found in the Sample description.

More information about the results and findings of Project STRIDE can be obtained by clicking on the Papers link on the menu above.

Project STRIDE was funded by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Mental Health (Grant#:5R01MH066058-03).

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