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Hello, World.

I'm James Mastran.

CIS Major W&J Aspiring Software Engineer CE Major Columbia

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Let me introduce myself.

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I'm currently a Junior at Columbia University in the City of New York studying Computer Engineering. I am learning a lot about computer hardware (opamps, transistors, logic gates, CMOS, VHDL, processors, etc.) as well as software (Java, C, C++, Python, Pointers, Memory, HTTP, IP, etc.) and I am looking to use my education in a real-world setting.
At Washington & Jefferson College (W&J), I majored in Computing and Information Studies and enrolled in a wide array of classes (Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and liberal arts courses).

C-MOS, Transistors, and C's. Oh My!

Overview of Knowledge
Java, Python, C, C++, PHP
The first language I learned, at age 11, was Java. I loved playing RuneScape, which was coded in Java, and I decided to host a server that mimicked the game. From there I learned Python (to do some analysis, regression, etc.) at Washington & Jefferson College. With a program at LionBase, I have received a certification in their crash course to machine learning and data science. Then at Columbia University, I have learned C, and C++. I would say that I know Java the best out of all of them. As an Intern at FPoliSolutions and now a Consultant Software Engineer, I have learned PHP pretty well. However, I understand memory usage, pointers, and memory adressing. I have earned an education on object-oriented programming and pointers.
Object-Oriented, Memory, 5-Layer Internet Protocol
This section is sort of an extension of the previous. Object-oriented and memory are important parts of programming. With further education on programming, I have learned about how memory is structured: Stack, Heap, Static, and Code. That new in Java is malloc'ing in C, or C++, and that puts an item on the heap, while automatic variables are on the stack. Java's garbage collector does all the freeing that must be done by the programmer in C. Additionally, I know about some protocols such as HTTP and IP.
With learning Java and other programming languages, over the years, I have picked up some knowledge on Hypertext Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript Object Notation, and some extensible markup language. These are not my strong suit, but I know them broadly.
VHDL, Logic & CMOS
At Columbia University, I have learned about Verbose Hardware Description Language (and programming FPGAs), the fundamentals of computer systems, and many logic gates (AND, OR, NAND, NOR, NXOR, etc.), K-maps to simplify logic, adders/full-adders, multiplexers, processors, the physics of SRAM, DRAM & Registers (D Flip-flops). Yeah, it's a good time!
Opamps, Transistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Resistors
At Washington & Jefferson College and at Columbia University, I have learned all about electronics and the physics that make the hardware in computers work.
Math, Physics, Chemistry
At Washington & Jefferson College, I focused heavily on Mathematics and Physics. While I majored in Computing and Information Studies at W&J, I was a few courses shy of minoring in Physics and in Mathematics. To name a few courses, I took Calculus I, II, III, learned linear algebra & Diff EQs, and Organic & Inorganic chemistry.


I am a college student; however, in the summers I have and I am interested in working in the computer field.
In addition to knowing the computer languages to the right, I understand some basic design aspects, project management ideas, and about software life cycles.

  • Aspiring Job:

    Software Engineer

  • Future Plans:

    Earn B.S. from Columbia University

    Earn M.S. in Computer Science

    Earn MBA

    Create own and original product

  • Accomplished Goals:

    Earn B.A. from Washington & Jefferson College

    Gain real-world experience in Computer Software

    Ran a Java Server

  • Email:

    [email protected]

Known Computer Languages

Most proficiently, (for backend development) I know Java and C. In addition, I know Python and C++. For frontend work, I have worked with ReactJS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, and Twig. For database work, I have worked with NoSQL database such as DynamoDB and SQL databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. For hardware languages, I have worked with Verilog and VHDL.

Other technologies I have used include, but not limited to, IAM, CI/CD tools, Jenkins, AWS Lambdas, AWS triggers, Docker, and much more.

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Where to find me

Pittsburgh, PA

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[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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Mobile: (+1) 412 877 0484