I would like to acknowledge funding and support from NSF through grants:


Funding sources from NSF provided under the grants DMS-0806145 / 0902075, CAREER award CMMI-0846816 and CMMI-1069064 are gratefully acknowledged. Previous support includes NSF grant 0595595.


Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).


Erlang Prize 2010 given by the INFORMS Applied Probability Society every two years to a young applied probabilist.


I have also been fortunate to receive support through the following funds and fellowships:

Milton Fund (Harvard University),

Professional Schools Research Fellowship Award (Columbia University),

Rodriguez Family Junior Faculty Award (Columbia University).


My research group and I have been fortunate to receive several best publication awards (detailed in my publication list).


I also acknowledge support when I was a PhD student at Stanford through the Thomas Ford and William Lindvill fellowships. Finally, I would like to acknowledge support from CONACYT (the Mexican NSF).


Stanford University Distinguished Alumni Scholar Lecture in 2012.


ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México) 2012 Premio al Mérito Profesional (Professional Merit Award).


And my mother wants me to put a list of accomplishments when I was younger and hopefully better looking… (science Olympiads – unfortunately my athletic abilities could improve; honors graduation, etc.)