Jose H. Blanchet


Ph.D. Stanford OR 2004

M.Sc. Stanford OR 2001

B.Sc. ITAM (Mex) App. Math 2000

B.Sc. ITAM (Mex) Act. Sc. 2000



IEOR Department, Columbia University,
340 W. Mudd Building,

500 West 120th Street, New York, NY 10027-6699


Statistics Department, Columbia University,

1040 School of Social Work

1255 Amsterdam Av. New York, NY. 10027.


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Office phone  (212) 851-0796

Fax  (212) 854-8103


Seminar: Applied Probability and Risk Seminar



Funding sources from NSF provided under the grants DMS-0595595, DMS-0806145 / 0902075, CAREER award CMMI-0846816, CMMI-1069064, DMS-1320550, CMMI-1436700, is gratefully acknowledged.