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Description: Description: Macintosh HD:Users:jingdong:Desktop:Jing_Dong_web_files:index_files:image001.jpgJing Dong

DeRosa Family Associate Professor of Business

Decision, Risk, and Operations Division

Graduate School of Business

Columbia University


Email: jing.dong@gsb.columbia.edu

Address: 932 Kravis Hall, 665 W 130th Street, New York, NY 10027









About me:

I am the DeRosa Family Associate Professor of Business in the Decision, Risk, and Operations Division at Columbia Business School. My primary research interests are at the interface of applied probability and service operations management. My current research focuses on developing data-driven stochastic modeling to improve patient flow in healthcare delivery systems. I also develop efficient simulation algorithms to facilitate better decision-making in complex stochastic systems.


I did my undergraduate in Actuarial Science at Hong Kong University and received my Ph.D. in Operations Research from Columbia University. Before joining Columbia Business School, I was an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University.



I am co-organizing an online-seminar series: Women in Data Science and Mathematics. More information can be found here.


-   Working Papers:

1.     Che E., Dong J., and Tong X.T., Stochastic Gradient Descent with Adaptive Data [pdf]

2.    Chan C., Chen Y., Dong J., Rossetti S., The Impact of Historical Workload on the Nurse’s Perceived Workload [pdf]

3.    Qin J., Chan C., Dong J., Homma S., and Ye. S., Waiting Online versus Offline: An Empirical Study on Visit Incompletion in Outpatient Clinics [pdf][presentation]

-       Qin J., Finalist, 2023 INFORMS HAS Best Student Paper Competition

-       Qin J., Finalist, 2023 IBM Best Student Paper Competition

4.    Cui T., Dong J., Jasra A., and Tong T.X., Convergence Speed and Approximation Accuracy of Numerical MCMC [pdf]

5.    Chen Y., Dong J., and Wang Z., A Primal-Dual Algorithm to Constrained Markov Decision Processes [pdf]

6.    Dong J. and Ibrahim R., Shortest-Job-First Scheduling in Many-Server Queues with Impatient Customers and Noisy Service-Time Estimates [pdf]

7.     Dong J., Shi P., Zheng F., and Jin X., Capacity Management in Networks: A Structural Estimation Approach for Hospital Inpatient Wards [pdf]

8.    Chen Y. and Dong J., Scheduling with Service-Time Information: the Power of Two Priority Classes [pdf]

-       Honorable Mention, 2020 INFORMS JFIG Paper Competition

9.    Hu Y., Dong J., and Perry O., Asymptotic Optimality of Base-Stock Policies with Idle Times for Stochastic Economic Lot Scheduling Problems [pdf]

10. Hu Y., Dong J., and Perry O., Existence and Approximations of Moments for Polling Systems under the Binomial-Exhaustive Policy [pdf]

11.  Dong J., Shi P., Zheng F., and Jin X., Off-Service Placement in Inpatient Ward Network: Resource Pooling versus Service Slowdown [pdf]

-       Second Place, 2020 POMS College of Healthcare Operations Management Best Paper Award

12.  Dong J. and Glynn P.W., A New Approach to Sequential Stopping for Stochastic Simulation [pdf]


-   Publications:

Stochastic Modeling:

1.     Hu Y., Chan C., and Dong J. (2023), Prediction-Driven Surge Planning with Application in the Emergency Department, forthcoming in Management Science [pdf] [presentation]

-       Hu Y., Finalist, 2022 Doing Good with Good OR Student Paper Competition

2.    Dong J., Gorgulu B., and Sarhangian V. (2023), What Causes Delays in Admission to Rehabilitation Care? A Structural Estimation Approach, forthcoming in Manufacturing & Service Operations Management [pdf]

3.    Chen J., Dong J., and Shi P. (2023), Optimal Routing under Demand Surges: The Value of Future Arrival Rates, forthcoming in Operations Research [pdf]

-       Chen J., Finalist, 2021 IBM Best Student Paper Competition

4.    Hu Y., Dong J., and Perry O. (2022), Asymptotic Optimality of Binomial-Exhaustive Policy for Polling Systems with Large Switchover Times, Annals of Applied Probability 32(6), pp 4803-4848 [pdf]

-       Hu Y., 2020 INFORMS APS Student Best Paper Award

5.    Zychlinski N., Chan C., and Dong J. (2023), Managing Queues with Different Resource Requirements, Operations Research, 71(4), pp 1387-1413 [pdf]

6.    Dong J. (2022), Metastabilty in Queue, Queueing Systems 100, Special Issue 100 Views on Queues [pdf]

7.     Dong J. and Ibrahim, R. (2021), SRPT Scheduling Discipline in Many-Server Queues with Impatient Customers, Management Science, 67(12), pp 7708-7718 [pdf]

8.    Hu Y., Chan C., and Dong J. (2021), Optimal Scheduling of Proactive Service with Customer Deterioration and Improvement, Management Science 68(4), pp2533 - 2578 [pdf] [presentation]

-       Hu Y., Finalist, 2019 IBM Best Student Paper Competition

9.    Chen J., Dong J., and Shi P (2020). A Survey on Skill-Based Routing with Applications to Service Operations Management, Queueing Systems 96, pp 53-82 [pdf]

10. Dong J. and Ibrahim R. (2020), Managing Supply in the On-Demand Economy: Flexible Workers, Full-Time Employees or Both, Operations Research 68(4), pp 1238-1264 [pdf]

11.  Dong J. and Perry O. (2020), Queueing Models for Patient-Flow Dynamics in Inpatient Wards, Operations Research 68(2), pp 250-275 [pdf]

12.  Dong J., Yom-Tov E., and Yom-Tov G. (2019), The Impact of Delay Announcements on Hospital Network Coordination and Waiting Times, Management Science 65(5), pp 1969-1994 [pdf]

13.  Chan C., Dong J., and Green L. (2017) Queues with Time-Varying Arrivals and Inspections with Applications to Hospital Discharge Policies, Operations Research 65(2), pp 469-495 [pdf]

14.  Dong J., Feldman P., and Yom-Tov G. (2015) Service Systems with Slowdowns: Potential Failures and Proposed Solutions, Operations Research 63(2), pp 305- 324 [pdf]


Stochastic Simulation:

15.  Zhu Y., Dong J., and Lam H. (2022) Efficient Uncertainty Quantification and Exploration for Reinforcement Learning, forthcoming in Operations Research [pdf]

16.  Dong J. and Tong X.T. (2022), Spectral Gap of Replica Exchange Langevin Diffusion on Mixture Distributions, Stochastic Processes and their Applications 151, pp 451-489 [pdf] [presentation]

17.  Blanchet J., Chen L., and Dong J. (2022), Exact Sampling for the Maximum of Infinite Memory Gaussian Processes, Advances in Modeling and Simulation, Festschrift in honor of Pierre L'Ecuyer, Springer-Verlag, pp 41 - 63 [pdf]

18. Dong J. and Tong X.T. (2021), Replica Exchange for Non-Convex Optimization, Journal of Machine Learning Research 22 (173) [pdf] [presentation]

19.  Chen Y., Dong J., and Ni H. (2021), epsilon-Strong Simulation of Fractional Brownian Motion and Related Stochastic Differential Equations, Mathematics of Operations Research 46(2), pp 559-594 [pdf]

20. Blanchet J., Dong J., and Liu Z. (2019), Exact Sampling of the Infinite Horizon Maximum of a Random Walk over a Non-linear Boundary, Journal of Applied Probability 56(1), pp 116-138 [pdf]

21.  Blanchet J., Dong J., and Pei Y. (2018), Perfect Sampling of GI/GI/c Queues, Queueing Systems 90 (1-2) 1-33 [pdf]

22. Blanchet J., Chen X., and Dong J. (2017), epsilon-Strong Simulation for Multidimensional Stochastic Differential Equations via Rough Path Analysis, Annals of Applied Probability 27(1), pp 275-336 [pdf]

23. Blanchet J. and Dong J. (2015), Perfect Sampling for Infinite Server and Loss Systems, Advances in Applied Probability 47(3), pp 761-786 [pdf]


Conference Proceedings:

24. Zhu Y. and Dong J. (2021), On Constructing Confidence Region for Model Parameters in Stochastic Gradient Descent via Batch Means, Proceedings of the 2021 Winter Simulation Conference [pdf]

25. Zychlinski N., Chan C., and Dong J. (2020) Scheduling Queues with Simultaneous and Heterogeneous Requirements from Multiple Types of Servers, Proceedings of the 2020 Winter Simulation Conference [pdf]

26. Chen Y., Chen J., Dong J., Peng J. and Wang Z. (2019) Accelerating Nonconvex Learning via Replica Exchange Langevin Diffusion, 2019 International Conference on Learning Representations [pdf]

27. Chen Y. and Dong J. (2019) On the Almost Sure Convergence Rate for a Series Expansion of Fractional Brownian Motion, Proceedings of the 2019 Winter Simulation Conference [pdf]

28. Dong J. and Glynn P.W. (2019) The Asymptotic Validity of Sequential Stopping Rules for Confidence Interval Construction using Standardized Time Series, Proceedings of the 2019 Winter Simulation Conference [pdf]

29. Dong J., Feng M.B., and Nelson B.L. (2018) Unbiased Metamodeling via Likelihood Ratios, Proceedings of the 2018 Winter Simulation Conference [pdf]

30. Dong J. and Zhu Y. (2016) Three Asymptotic Regimes for Ranking and Selection with General Sample Distributions, Proceedings of the 2016 Winter Simulation Conference [pdf]

31.  Blanchet J. and Dong J. (2012) Sampling Point Processes on Stable Unbounded Regions and Exact Sampling of Queues, Proceedings of the 2012 Winter Simulation Conference [pdf]


Medical Journals:

32. Qin J., Chan C., Dong J., Homma S., Ye S. (2023), Telemedicine is Associated with Reduced Socioeconomic Disparity in Outpatient Clinic No-Show Rates, forthcoming in Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

33. Hu Y., Cato K.D., Chan C., Dong J., Gavin N., Rossetti S.C., Chang B.P. (2023), Use of Real-Time Information to Predict Future Arrivals in the Emergency Department,  Annals of Emergency Medicine 81(6), pp 728-737

34. Gorgulu B, Dong J., Hunter K., Bettios K.M., Vukusic B., Ranisau J., Spencer G., Tang T., Sarhangian V. (2023), Association between Delayed Discharge from Acute Care and Rehabilitation Outcomes and Length of Stay: a Retrospective Cohort Study, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 104(1) pp 43-51.

35. Hu Y., Dong J., Perry O., Cyrus R.M., Gravenor S., Schmidt M.J. (2021), Use of a Novel Patient-Flow Model to Optimize Hospital Bed Capacity for Medical Patients, The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety 47(6), pp 354-363.

36. Gershengorn H.B., Hu Y., Chen J.-T., Hsieh S.J., Dong J., Gong M.N., Chan C.W.  (2021), The Impact of High-Flow Nasal Cannula Use on Patient Mortality and the Availability of Mechanical Ventilators in COVID-19, Annals of the American Thoracic Society 18(4) pp 623-631.



I am grateful for the support provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through the following grants.

-      NSF CMMI-1944209, Title: "CAREER: Improving Operational Decision Making with Predictive Information and Data". Duration: Mar 2020 - Feb 2025, Role: PI

-      NSF CMMI-1762544. Title: "Collaborative Research: GOALI: Improving Patient Flow in Hospitals". Duration: Aug 2018 - Jul 2021. Role: PI (Lead PI: Ohad Perry, Industry Co-PI: Stephanie Gravenor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital)

-      NSF DMS-1720433. Title: "Collaborative Research: Tolerance-Enforced Simulation of Stochastic Processes";. Duration: Sep 2017 - Aug 2020. Role: PI (Lead PI: Jose Blanchet)



- Columbia University

B6100 Managerial Statistics (MBA Core)

B9150 Foundations of Operations Management (PhD Core)

   B9323 Introduction to Econometrics and Statistical Inference (PhD Elective)

- Northwestern University

IEMS 435 Introduction to Stochastic Simulation (PhD Core)

IEMS 315 Stochastic Models and Simulation     

IEMS 303 Statistics