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December 2010

Articles for the Columbia University Journal of Bioethics must be submitted in Word Format by April 30, 2011. Op Ed pieces should be less than 1000 words and should examine a current bioethical dilemma. Original review articles should be less than 4000 words and should focus how emerging biotechnologies elicits bioethical issues. Click 2009 2008 to view 2007 to view 2006  to view  and 2005 to view and 2004 to view.


 If you are interested in BIOCEP, a cross-cultural program on bioethics in Bangkok, Thailand, or in Pune, India click below. To see the article in New York Times online click here

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Readings about Thai Culture, public health, Map from Mahidol to Dorm, Medical Insurance, and travel to Thailand.

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